Join us for a Webinar!
'Choosing the Right Lenses & Optics for your Machine Vision Application'
July 14 2021
11:00 AM EDT / 10:00 AM CDT / 8:00 AM PDT / 3:00 PM GMT
Presented by Vision Systems Design
Ultra Wide, No Distortion Lenses
Learn more about Theia's lenses with patented
 Linear Optical Technology® Our technology corrects barrel distortion optically without software or latency. Up to 135° HFOV, 5 MP, NIR corrected for up to 1/2.3” sensors.
Watch how Theia's lenses are used in Tele-operation
Teleoperation of a Menzi Muck M545 walking excavator is shown using our MY125M lens with patented Linear Optical Technology®.

Motorized 4k Lenses
Theia’s award-winning family of 4K motorized lenses covers 4-10mm & 12-50mm focal ranges for up to 1/1.7” format, 300lp/mm resolution with minimal focus shift in NIR for multi-spectral imaging. Offered in motorized zoom, focus, and IR cut filter with photo-interrupter motor stops.
Motorized Lens Control Board
Theia's Motorized Lens Control Board allows the user to control zoom, focus, P-iris, and IR cut filters.
Compact Telephoto Lenses
Explore Theia’s 5mpx and 4K resolution, NIR corrected Telephoto lenses. These lenses are perfect for high detail applications like LPR/ANPR & analytics. With DC auto and P-iris options, CS mount.
Request Samples
If you would like to evaluate a lens, please contact us and describe your application and needs.