Hello Friends,

Delores _ Andrea
When you work for a small family business, you become one of the family.  We are so proud that "one of our own" received a national award at the premiere industry trade show, Cultivate17, in Columbus, Ohio.  Andrea Snelgrove was awarded the
Young Retailer of the Year title for the garden center industry.  After we nominated her in February, she was notified that she was one of the top three finalists.  Then she had to write an essay, answering a question about the future growth of the industry, and go through four interviews by industry experts.  We were ecstatic to learn last week that she won!  Andrea will be featured on the cover of Green Profit magazine in September.

Andrea manages our Gift Shoppe and also uses her outstanding merchandising skills to make the displays in all areas of Wingard's Market look attractive and inviting.  While we were at the trade show, she participated in a merchandising contest, where she was given 20 minutes to create a retail display of plants and complementary products, such as fertilizer, watering cans, soil, hoses, and pottery.  Andrea won that contest as well!

We are fortunate to have great employees in all areas of our business.   And we truly view them all as part of our Wingard's Family! 

Wally & Delores Steinhauser

P.S. On August 21, 2017, South Carolina will see its first solar eclipse in 38 years, and here at Wingard's Market, we want to remember this once in a lifetime event with our very own SC Solar Eclipse Keepsake Ornament,  which we designed and manufactured.  See below. 

...and mark your calendar; plan to join us for our
solar eclipse party
Solar Eclipse Watch Party  
Monday, August 21st @ 2:00 PM 
We will be open that day, and all who are here will gather to experience the Eclipse together.  It is sure to be a festive occasion, with refreshments and music.  At 3:00, we will have a drawing to give a free Wingard's exclusive Eclipse ornament to one of our guests.  So avoid the crowds and the traffic, and experience the Eclipse with your Wingard's Family!  
solar eclipse ornament
South Carolina Solar Eclipse
Keepsake Ornament - $24.99

 Limited supply so order yours today!

photo contest

There's still time before the JULY 31 DEADLINE!

SEE THE NEW CATEGORIES! Get out in your yard and start snapping photos for our annual Photo Contest.

wings and things
Summer Hummingbirds
Summer is the best time of year for South Carolina hummingbird watchers. During the hot days of summer we play host to more hummingbirds than at any other time of the year.

Here are a few tips to attract more hummingbirds to your yard:
  • Add native plants to your garden.
  • Deadhead your flowers to enhance blooming.
  • Use a variety of plants to achieve a continuous bloom throughout the season.
  • Provide places for them to perch in your yard. 
  • Provide a hummingbird feeder. 
  • Clean feeders at least once every three days.
Hummerfest Hummingbird Feeder - $19.99
The Hummerfest hummingbird feeder is a complete feeder kit designed to complement the backyard of any nature enthusiast. Made of dishwasher safe, high-impact polycarbonate, the 12- ounce Hummerfest comes with a built-in ant moat and a cleaning brush.  
Hummingbirds love hibiscus
Hummingbirds love hibiscus.
Texas Star perennial hibiscus looks so close to the tropical version, but it comes back year after year with these giant red flowers.  
Ask Zach

Is it safe to use red food coloring in my hummingbird nectar?
  • No, most food colorings are proven to cause damage to a Hummingbird's internal organs, potentially resulting in death. Hummers are attracted to bright colors, and red happens to be an exceptionally bright color in the garden.  So, use a red-colored feeder, with clear liquid.  Or place red flowers near your "not-red" feeder.
garden center
Why are my leaves turning yellow_
Why are my leaves turning yellow? 
Whether you garden indoors or out, a successful gardener needs to learn how to read plants.  It's important for us to be able to understand the language of a plant and they make it easy for us to know when they're feeling a bit under the weather.  Both  houseplants and landscape plants will show signs of yellowing leaves when they need some extra TLC (tender loving care.)
Landscape Design
Landscape Design
Since Fall is the best time for planting, you should start planning your Fall landscaping projects now.  If you just want some advice, our designer, Jeremy Kelly, can come out and spend an hour and a half with you.  He will leave you with a rough sketch and plant list.  Or, he can come back to you with a blueprint-size to-scale hand-drawn design for your entire yard.  Click here for more details and costs of these services.  For questions or to make an appointment, call 803-359-9091 and ask for Kathy or Delores.  You may also email office@wingardsmarket.com  Book now to avoid the backlog that usually develops during peak planting seasons.
It's the dog days of summer and here in the Midlands that means it's HOT! Everything in your garden slows down and generally starts to show signs of stress from now until mid-August.  Try and stay cool which means all gardening tasks should be done in the early morning or at dusk when things start to cool down for the day. 
  • Apply Step 3 Lawn Care for Centipede, Zoysia, and Bermuda grasses. 
  • Tired of Fire Ants?  Learn how to get rid of them with a One-Two Step Punch Method! 
  • July to do list
    Eliminate insects and fungus with Fertilome Triple Action Plus. The long summer season in the South gives us plenty of time to enjoy the rewards of our hard work in the garden. Unfortunately, it also provides the perfect environment for insects and fungus to thrive. Take action before too much damage is done.
  • Maintain mulch to control weeds and help retain moisture.
  • Keep newly planted trees and shrubs watered. When the temperature exceeds 100ยบ F, you may need to water twice a day, especially for 15 gal and larger plants. SLOW and DEEP are the key words for watering during extremely hot and dry periods.
  • Fertilize and "deadhead" annuals and perennials to keep them blooming until frost. Use a fertilizer with a high middle number such as Ferti-lome Premium Bedding Plant Food (7-22-8) or Ferti-lome Blooming and Rooting Soluble Plant Food (9-58-8).  If your plants have stopped blooming, it may be because of the heat.  Cut them back and let them rest awhile.  As soon as the weather cools off a bit, they'll reward you with a new show of blooms.
  • Spot treat weeds and grass growing where you DON'T want it to grow.
  • Prevent Japanese beetles by applying Hi Yield GrubFreeZone II on your lawn now to
    kill grubs, which are the larvae of Japanese beetles and mole crickets.  Doing this in thesummer will help reduce the occurrence of Japanese beetles and mole crickets next Spring.
  • Are your crape myrtle leaves turning white?  If so, you've got a case of powdery mildew.  Use Fertilome Liquid Systemic Fungicide II.
July what_s in
Just In
  • Riverbanks Zoo has nothing on us.  You can find exotic animals among the plants here at Wingard's.  Check out the new arrivals of garden statuary! 
  • Have a dry spot?  Plant agave and yucca.  The large Century Plant Agave in this picture is growing at our entrance on North Lake Drive, with no irrigation.  Pared with it in the foreground are Color Guard Yucca on the left and Red Yucca blooming on the right.
just blooming
What's Blooming
  1. Get ready for Fall.  The gold-tones of the Rudbeckia, or Black-eyed Susan, perennial make a beautiful transition into autumn for your landscape.  Leave the dead heads on to provide seeds for the birds, or remove the dead heads and fertilize to keep it blooming until frost. 
  2. Adorn your front steps with these great Zinnia pots. 
  3. Skip the mulch.  Plant ground cover.  Here is a trailing Ice Plant that will fill in your bare spots and bloom most of Summer and into Fall.  It works great among rocks, too.  
  4. The perfect plant for Southern containers - Straw Flowers.  They bloom all summer, love the sun, forgive you if you forget to water, and provide lots of pollen for the bees. 
  5. A great annual for that cottage garden look - Angelonia.  It lives up to its heavenly name!
  6. Put some color in your summer landscape.  Dwarf crape myrtles in the "Dazzle" series require little maintenance, love the sun, stay small (around 3 feet tall),  and provide intense color in the summer.  The picture above is of a Cherry Dazzle planted in the display bed in front of Wingard's.
summer sale
LIME TREES - just marked down 50%

Come in to check out our items on sale in every department to make way for new Fall items. 
gift shoppe
Just Arrived in the Gift Shoppe
lake life mugs
  • New Lake Life Tervis Tumblers, in an updated style.  Great for all lake-lovers. In four styles; mug, tumbler, wine glass and stemless wine glass.  Which one will you choose?
  • New Baggalini styles - The women at Wingard's are hooked on Baggalini purses and wallets.  They are light weight, fashionable, and full of pockets for staying organized.  Delores, Charlotte and Andrea each own 2-3 different styles, which they use for everyday and special occasions.
produce market
You came for flowers.
You left with juicy, SC Peaches
flowers and peaches

Don't miss these new fresh,
local items in our Produce Market! 
And look what's in season! 
Heirloom tomatoes, hybrid, okra, sweet corn , blackberries,  cantaloupes, melons, squash,  cucumbers, peaches, green peanuts and... shrimp!
workshops _ events
Purple Martins
We have had a great inaugural season offering Purple Martin Tours.  There are a few trips left which have one available seat.  Join us as we take you on a Guided Purple Martin Tour of the "Bomb Island" roost with Zach Steinhauser, our resident wildlife specialist, and manager of Wingard's "Wings & Things".  Join Zach and Master Captain Kenny Hardee for an informative cruise to Bomb Island, from Jake's Landing. 

Reservations can be made at Wing's & Things or ordered over the phone by calling 803.359.9091
Purple Martin shirt
 Have you been to see the Purple Martins? 
 Whether you went out to Bomb Island on one of our tours or on your own, this souvenir t-shirt is a fun way to remember your trip!
composting workshop
     Composting & Fall Vegetable Gardening
Saturday, August 26 - 10:00-11:30 am
If you've been thinking about composting, Fall is the time to start, since you need dried plant material as a base. 

The cost is $10.00 and you will receive a $10.00 coupon to use at Wingard's.  Space is limited and advance registration is required. Register online below or call 803-359-9091.
     For a complete list of all of our Fall Workshops visit our website.