An Inspirational Message
from Mary Magdalene

December 1, 2021
2:00 PM or 8:00 PM Eastern
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Mary Magdalene has requested your presence at an event on December 1st to support us in these challenging times. Her presence indicates a turning in the events of humanity and she wishes to support us in sustaining our life force through the Heart of the World Flower Essences.

 “At this time, it is imperative to receive the sustenance of nature directly through the blooms of the flowers harvested before the current events we are experiencing here occurred. The purity of these flower Essences and their availability to each of you at this time is of paramount importance as you go into 2022, when even more severely challenging times are indicated.

Regardless of your current belief systems about the state-of-the-world and the causes of what is occurring, I want to boldly say that what you need comes from the Great Mother of Earth and the Divine Feminine not from humans. Your solution is earth-based and nature gateways are valuable through the Divine Feminine and from these powerfully harvested flower Essences.

Please join me and receive this information as we open to the gateways of nature to stabilize your health and well-being and that of those you love and care for.
Blessings to each of you and may the Light Magnificent shine in all of your lives and endeavors.”
As A Light Emissary,

Mary Magdalene
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