An MTM-CNM Family and Friendsgiving!
"Friendship is the comfort of knowing that
even when you feel alone,
you aren’t."
One of the biggest holiday seasons of the year is upon us and due to the safety recommendations of our nation's medical leaders and experts, many of the families in our community are making "alternative" plans, i.e. having dinner at home with their immediate families, and eschewing the traditional, large family gatherings, which we know can put our medically vulnerable loved ones unnecessarily at risk.

The "year of the pandemic" has been an isolating one in many ways, but as our team's passion has been to connect--since that very first MTM-CNM Family Conference in 2009!--we have sought to continue connecting our MTM-CNM family throughout these uncertain days.

We've held several informal MTM-CNM "Virtual" Connections to reach out and share experiences and resources, as well as virtual educational meetings and clinical updates with researchers and pharma that we have co-hosted with our advocacy friends at Where There's a Will There's a Cure.

In the continuing spirit of connection and the season of thankfulness and family, we want to celebrate a special MTM-CNM Family and Friendsgiving on Zoom with you all this coming Sunday, November 29th, 2020 at 3:00 pm ET/2:00 pm CT/12:00 noon PT.

If you'd like to join us, as an individual or family impacted by MTM/CNM, please send an email to before midnight ET on Saturday, November 30th and you will receive a the Zoom link to participate. Please also make sure this email address is added to your contact list so that the emails land in your inbox and you don't miss any future important news!
Gifts Ideas for our MTM-CNM Warriors of all Ages!

We've started sharing ideas in our MTM-CNM Family Conference Facebook group for holiday presents, such as "Billy Footwear," which can accommodate those who use AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics). Sometimes it can be challenging to think of and find gifts that our loved ones enjoy, can manipulate independently, and that provide universal design and access opportunities. We invite all of our families to pool and brainstorm gift ideas in our Facebook community discussion group: MTM-CNM Family Conference.
Also, don't forget when you do your holiday shopping on Amazon to support us by using Amazon Smile. It costs nothing extra to you, but allows our non-profit, volunteer-run organization to receive a 0.5% donation. Every little bit adds up!

1) Go to
2) Sign in with your usual credentials.
3) Choose our charity "MTM-CNM Family Connection" to be the recipient of donations from your purchases.
It is a well-known truth that one of the most powerful things we can do to generate joy within ourselves and greater connectedness with other people is to practice the art of gratitude. Although many of us deal with more than our fair share of worries, frustrations, and challenges, nevertheless there are countless things for which we can still be thankful. Our team is especially thankful for this community--our brave MTM and CNM warriors, their devoted and determined families, our fellow MTM-CNM and broader community of rare disease advocates and patient leaders around the world collaborating and fighting alongside us, the brilliant clinicians and researchers who have made the study of MTM and CNM their life's work, the pharmaceutical companies investing resources and expending manpower to bring the science to the patients, and all those who support our work at MTM-CNM Family Connection through your generous donations, participation in events, and sincere encouragement!!!