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Celebrating twenty five years of opening the doors of opportunity, first as Summerbridge and now as Breakthrough.

Cityside Management Corp. is our Valedictorian!
For the second year in a row, Cityside Management Corp. has stepped up as the Valedictorian sponsor of our "Back to Summer Breakfast."  Thank you, Cityside, for your support of our most important annual event and your leadership in closing the opportunity gap!

Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. C ontact  Becky Berk , Breakthrough's Executive Director, for more information.  

Meet our Breakthrough students at the Breakfast
Our May 17 Breakfast celebrates going "Back to Summer" for our 26th year.   Featuring our current and former students and Teaching Fellows, the Breakfast is the best way to experience Breakthrough, short of joining us for a morning of the summer session!  

Through a unique four-way partnership between the Manchester School District, the national Breakthrough Collaborative, The Derryfield School and Southern New Hampshire University, Breakthrough  supports high-potential Manchester students with limited opportunities, from sixth grade right through college matriculation. 

Register Here - Join Us on May 17

The Back to Summer Breakfast is our single largest community friend- and fund-raising event.  The Breakfast is free, and all attendees will be asked to consider a contribution to Breakthrough at the end of the event.

An Unusual Contribution
Looking for a way to support future educators?  Consider a home stay.
Like many families, my husband Bruce and I are inclined to support a few charitable causes.  We look for those in which we have a great deal of trust, for those that align most closely with our values and interests, and for those where there is a "multiplier" of some kind - a program that benefits multiple populations, for instance. Breakthrough has long been one of those programs for us.

Some local families have chosen to support Breakthrough by serving as a summer home stay family for an out-of-town Teaching Fellow.  This summer, thirteen Teaching Fellows will need a place to call home during the whirlwind summer session, from June 14 through August 11.

Being a home stay family provides critical support for Breakthrough in an unusual and gratifying way.    College students will come from all over the country this summer to teach in this award-winning, demanding, joyous, high energy environment.  They have a wide variety of interests and talents; they are potters, runners, jugglers, musicians, artists, historians, gymnasts, math and physics whizzes, tennis buffs and soccer players.  They come from California, Idaho, Oregon, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts, among others.   Conversations with these kids are fun and fascinating, and contributing in this way is very personal and "connected". 

For more information, please contact Becky Berk.  An inquiry is not an obligation. Home stay families provide room and board for a Teaching Fellow.

Every home stay represents a triple contribution:
  • An opportunity for impressive college students to teach and be mentored in a rigorous and supportive environment.  Many are inspired - a belief kindled by summer's end - that classroom teaching is in their future.  All Teaching Fellows learn how to teach, a critical skill in any profession. 
  • An unique summer for promising middle school students from families with limited opportunities to experience serious fun, sustained learning and aspirations for a college education.  For many, they will be the first in their families to reach for, and ultimately achieve, a higher education. 
  • An opportunity to support future educators, to contribute to social justice, to make a difference in our local community and to enjoy the company of hard-working, committed and enthusiastic young adults.

Our Mission
Our Vision
All young people, regardless of circumstance, can achieve their full potential as students, teachers and leaders.

Our Mission
The dual missions of Breakthrough Manchester are to launch promising Manchester middle school students, particularly those with limited opportunities, on the path to college while inspiring high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

We do this by:
* Recruiting and selectively admitting high-potential sixth graders with limited opportunities from Manchester middle schools for a tuition-free, three-year program
* Providing three rigorous, joyful academic summers and school year supports to admitted students during their middle school years
* Connecting ninth graders with the Breakthrough College-Bound program at Southern NH University to create a seamless pipeline of opportunity 
* Recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting college students, and some local high-achieving high school students, as excellent teachers
* Engaging a broad array of stakeholders in understanding, promoting, funding and championing both missions of Breakthrough. 

With thanks,

Becky Berk
Executive Director
Breakthrough Manchester