Tuesday, May 11th at 3:00 pm CT

Zoom Webinar

In our newest Virtual Town Hall, Tales from the Crypt-O, David Pickler will be discussing the various digital assets that are on the rise, and how they are changing our world. We will begin the presentation by discussing the basics: defining Blockchain and Bitcoin, unfolding the timeline of cryptocurrency, and understanding what money actually is — a critical step in differentiating dollars from digital assets. Then, we'll take a deep dive into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), how someone buys crypto, who accepts it, and China's new currency. We've got a lot of important info to cover in this exciting and robust presentation. So, join us and learn about the fascinating world of digital assets.

There will be a Q&A session following the presentation.

To register, please click on the blue button below or call Cameron at 901.316.0160. We will be sending out more information to registrants, including the Zoom link, as we get closer to the event.
Cameron can be reached at cspann@picklerwealthadvisors.com and 901.316.0160
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