The 2018 Legislative Session is almost over!  

We have received both good and bad news from the Ways and Means Human Services Subcommittee Co-chairs:
  • The good news is that they will not be considering DD eligibility changes this session. Be sure to tune into Ways and Means Human Services Subcommittee Monday, Feb. 26 at 8:30 to hear Lilia Teninty, the Director of DD Services, report on the DD budget. If you miss the hearing, you can always watch it later through this link.
  • The bad news is that Oregon is anticipating another budget shortfall for the 2019-2021 biennium. The Ways and Means Human Services Co-Chairs have been very clear that all eligibility changes will be back on the table for the 2019 session. This means they may examine:
    • Counting parental income for children's services eligibility,
    • Changing the IQ limit for intellectual disability eligibility and
    • Requiring three instead of two areas of functional limitations for developmental disability eligibility.
What can you do? 

Please meet with your legislators a few times this year to discuss how DD services help you and people you care about to be a part of the local community and how you, your family and your community would suffer if eligibility changed.

These changes would cause at least 1 in 3 of children in DD Services to lose access to needed services! Download our advocacy fact sheet  here

The State is already taking steps to revise their Medicaid Waivers and State Plan (K Plan) to pave the way for these changes, and has opened the required public comment period.  Please take a moment to become familiar with the proposed actions and c omment no later than March 21, 2018. The link to the Public Notice is: 

Background Check Unit Funding Issue

Another issue that is a big concern in our state is the long delay in processing background checks for personal support workers and other paid providers who have not recently gone through the criminal history check process. We are urging legislators to fully fund the DHS background check unit to help minimize delays that prevent people from accessing needed supports in a timely manner. 
Policy Bill Deadlines Keep Coming! 

In the short session, policy bill deadlines come quickly. Last Thursday, Feb. 22 was the last day for work sessions to be scheduled in policy committees on bills that started on the opposite chamber. This Tuesday, February 27, is the last day for policy committees to move measures that originated in the opposite chamber out of committee. The deadline does not apply to Ways & Means, Revenue, Rules and other joint committees.

This means we will have another round of bills "die" and not become law this session. Check out our latest Bill  Report for more information.

We expect to see a few bills move out of their policy committees in the next few days - and we expect many bills that have already moved out of committees make their way to the floor of the House or Senate.

Monday, February 26

1:00 PM / HR E House Business and Labor will have a hearing and possible work session on SB 1534A which requires Department of Human Services to establish minimum training standards for home care workers and personal support workers and to provide training.

3:00 PM / HR D House Committee on Education will have a haring and possible work session on SB 1522A which modifies requirements imposed on school districts for persons receiving special education who have received modified diploma, funding for youths in Youth Corrections Education Program who have received modified diploma and eligibility for Expanded Options Program for students who have received modified diploma.
Watch live video or listen to audio of the Senate and House chamber sessions and Committee hearings online through the 
 Join in our DD Advocacy Day This Tuesday!

Advocacy Days are scheduled to help you feel comfortable with visiting with your State Senator and State Representatives, as well as any other Legislative Committee Members you are interested in meeting with.  

Join us  Tuesday, February 27 from 10 AM to 2 PM
State Library of Oregon (directly across from Capitol)
250 Winter Street NE Salem, Room 102 & 103
The Oregon Developmental Disability Coalition's GO! Project Advocacy Team will be available to provide you with information, training and support:
  • Go to to get contact information for your State Representative and State Senator
  • Schedule a time to discuss the issue of DD Services funding with your two state legislators and/or their staff
  • Wear something yellow to show unity in advocacy
  • Advocacy training is offered at 11:00 AM 
  • Stop by before and after your visits for important advocacy updates!
Now Let's GO!

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