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The Arkive: Ark and Dove's Newsletter
This Sunday marks the 2nd Sunday in Lent!
All are invited to 9:30 am (choir led) and 11:00 am (band led) worship services, as we prepare for the resurrection.
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Members and Friends of Ark and Dove,

Many of us this Lenten Season are reading Lent in Plain Sight by Jill Duffield, a Presbyterian pastor. I find the questions she raises and the faith she shares a great companion for Lent. I liked these few sentences from the reading for Monday in the chapter called 'cross': Sometimes the oddness of Christianity cannot be denied. The cross, designed by the state to instill terror and illicit subjugation, for us calls forth words of radical forgiveness and inexplicable grace and the freedom found only in Christ.  You can or order or download the book from various retailers. It's worth reading and will continue to guide our preaching all during the Lenten season.

The session of our church (as likely you have) has been tracking the Coronavirus Covid 19 and conversing about how it might affect our life as a congregation. We are being proactive and making decisions that ensure our congregational life continues to thrive with health and safety being a central concern. We are praying for people who are sick and for our medical professionals, and we are praying for people who are anxious. We want you to know that we have upgraded our cleaning protocols at church and are using antiviral cleansers. We have purchased more hand sanitizer and ordered extra soap.  The Center For Disease Control would have us wash our hands regularly. 

We have changed our communion practices, and we will not invite people to handshaking before, in or after worship, but we will continue to extend the love and peace of Christ Jesus with warm words and welcoming conversation. We will be test driving a low cost worship live streaming system this Sunday while we research other ways to live stream and we are developing a plan for on line meetings and classes in the event that medical professionals and or government recommends social separation.  We are developing a plan for keeping in regular touch with people who live alone. In short, we are planning for all kinds of new ways that we can support and nurture each other with the love of Christ. This is what it means to be a member of the Beloved Community.

The Session advises that if you are sick, let us know, so we can keep in touch, and stay home and take care of yourself.

Here are two links on Coronavirus best practices, one from the World Health Organization and one from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Thank you to the many members of Ark and Dove who provided information and links.  

HERE is another link for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Daily News entry that highlighted the Office of Theology and Worship's Pastoral Statement on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 .

It is important that we support each other in times of difficulty with the Peace of Christ.

Verse and Prayer
He called the crowd with his disciples, and said to them, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.
-Mark 8:34-35
Lord Jesus, you hold all things together. Hold us together this day. The places of hurt, the hurts we have perpetrated, the wounds that seem to fester rather than heal, in all our pain, whatever its form, bring wholeness, peace, relief. If we cannot as yet reach across the chasms we have created, then, for now, draw us close to you so that our proximity to you brings us closer to each other until we experience fully the reconciliation won for us on the cross. Amen.
― from "Lent in Plain Sight: A Devotion through Ten Objects"
This week, the choir introduces a new hymn for the introit: Carlton Young's When We Are Tested with text by Ruth Duck. For the offering, the choir will sing Tom Fettke's arrangement of Beautiful Savior, based on an Irish folk tune. The piece begins quietly and builds throughout toward a majestic climactic ending.

Our high school and adult chamber group - the Ark Ensemble - will begin rehearsing on March 15th, in the evening, in preparation for Palm Sunday. If you are a rusty musician or an eager teenage string or wind player, this is the group for you! Music will be available this Sunday. See me after service to get your copy.


Director of Music
I hope your Lenten season has begun with some nice contemplation and prayer. We move into the second week following our thematic material of the Lenten reading. This week the theme will be the cross. The band will be playing a song, 'At The Cross' by Chris Tomlin. Another song that is in the worship list is 'You Redeem' by Aaron Shust. Please give these songs a listen this week so you will be familiar with the melody and can join the band in singing 'You Redeem'.

May 17th is the date to keep locked into your calendar for the 11 am band led worship service. We will be playing select songs from the album 'Beautiful Things' by Gungor. We would love for you to join us on the congregationals so start that playlist, and crank it in the car everyday! Here is the list of songs: Call Me Out, Cannot Keep You, The Earth is Yours, Heaven, Dry Bones, Beautiful Things, Brighter Day, and People of God. Enjoy!

God Bless!

Director of Contemporary Music
Ash Wednesday was the beginning of the Lenten season. As some of you know, I spent Ash Wednesday in an ambulance and then the hospital after having a medical episode at the church. As scary as it was, it was in perfect alignment with the lesson of the start of Lent: We are called into practices of alignment and simplification in this time. I had exempted myself from this in some ways, being in the middle of moving, seminary classes, and this internship. God reminded me that there are no exceptions, and I am as human as the next person. So, with that, I hope that you can take this season as something valuable for your own health, be it physical or spiritual. If you haven't started, it isn't too late: Figure out the ways your life can be simplified and better aligned with your own calling in the world.


Chris Wilson
Seminary Intern
God loves a cheerful giver!
DONATE ONLINE ! One Great Hour of Sharing , one-time and recurring!

TEXT your donations! 410-983-3481
Text give to get started. Text commands for more options.

Text an amount followed by PerCapita to contribute your portion of per capita .

  Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. - 2 Corinthians 7
A Message of Thanks!
Discipleship Ministry thanks you!
Thank you for your dedicated support of the discipleship ministry. Ark and Dove is a medium-sized church with a huge heart.  We are a community of disciples who seek to embody the life of Jesus Christ so that lives are transformed and God’s dream is carried into the world. The pledges and offerings you have made and continue to make to Ark and Dove help us to carry out this call. Your offerings of your time, talents, and treasures support all we do and truly makes a positive difference within our walls and beyond.

Thank you for your honest and open feedback during the consensus building project this past year. The data we gathered gives us direction for the future and goals to reach for as we seek to respond to God’s generosity in our lives. Look for new and exciting upcoming opportunities to deepen your faith and worship through generous giving through the church. With your continued support, we are optimistic about the future of Ark and Dove and our impact in the community and beyond.

Thank you!

Tricia Gray
Discipleship Elder
February Financial Update
YTD Expected Unpledged Income
Actual Unpledged Income


YTD Expected Pledged Income
Actual Pledged Income




Per Capita
A Medium-sized Church with a Huge Heart!
We are continuing to collect per capita. Currently we are making progress toward our total assessed amount with over 70 families having contributed $4,897 so far. Per capita is a set amount of money based on membership that each Presbyterian congregation sends to the General Assembly and the Presbytery of Baltimore each year to be used in various mission and ministry efforts throughout the entire PC(USA). Your per capita contribution is an opportunity to help cover the expenses associated with performing the functions of the PC(USA)’s system of government, as well as have an impact not only locally through the Presbytery of Baltimore, but also in the regional, national, and worldwide mission programs of the PC(USA). Thank you to those families who have already paid their per capita payment or even paid extra to help cover this allocation. It is greatly appreciated. If you still need to make your per capita payment of $37/adult member (and confirmed youth), it is very easy to do so. You can use your usual and preferred method of giving (check/EFT) and simply mark your contribution as per capita to ensure it is properly allocated or text an amount to 410-983-3481 followed by PerCapita. Thank you so much for your participation. Questions? Tricia Gray, tricia.gray@yaho.com
Outreach and Connections
Pub Theology
Is there a point to suffering? Join us March 12, 7-8:30 pm to engage in this question over beverages at Frisco Tap House.
Ukranian Egg Dying!
Learn the beautiful art of pysanky, or wax resist egg dying at a fellowship event/pot luck dinner on Saturday, March 14, 6 - 9 PM . This is a family event, however young ones must be able to hold a raw egg without breaking it for about an hour, and be safe around candle flames. Parents, age limit is your decision. All supplies will be on hand for you to make and take home a one-of-a-kind egg. Please RSVP . If you can bring the stylus/kitska you used last year, that would be greatly appreciated! $5 fee per person to cover cost of supplies. You can also RSVP to Ellen Makar at eemakar@aol.com.
Sustenance Through Lent with Friendly Seniors
I am longing to see you ... so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith, both yours and mine. -Romans 1:11-12, NRSV

When I read this quote used by Rachel Hackenberg this past week, it made me think of Friendly Seniors. It's time for us to get together, as we make our way through Lent. I know people liked the room at Christopher's that is no longer available. So let's try the long room at M&M Restaurant in the Village at Waugh Chapel. It's bright, relatively quiet and the food is good and reasonable (it's halal, so no pork). They serve breakfast ALL day and the lingonberry crepes are wonderful. When: Sunday, March 22, 1:30 p.m . Please let Joan Berry know (berry962@verizon.net or 410-672-5237) by Thursday, March 20 to make reservations. See you then!
New Members and Inquirers' Class
If you are new to Ark and Dove, please join the New Members/Inquirers' class on Saturday, April 4, from 8:30 am to noon where you can meet other people who have been visiting Ark and Dove, and enjoy breakfast and fellowship. This “no obligation” class is just for you if want to learn more about Ark and Dove and what it means to be a member. We’ll provide breakfast and childcare. Hope to see you there! Sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the lobby or contact Nicole Howe, nicolehowe123@gmail.com, so we can plan for breakfast and childcare.
Lenten Studies
Lent in Plain Sight
Lenten Studies Is God only in the miraculous, mountaintop moments of life? Or is God in the mundane? Join us this season of Lent in small groups intent on finding God in the ordinary. Each group will be following the short and accessible devotional by Jill Duffield, Lent in Plain Sight . We encourage you to purchase a book from the church or from your favored bookseller. Then, please, sign up for one of the small groups that will meet during the following times, beginning February 28. You can do so in the lobby or by contacting the leader.
  • Fridays: 7:30 pm to 9 pm at the Champagne house: Kim Champagne, kim.champagne@gmail.com
  • Sundays: 11 am at church: Pastoral staff, jgnelson1985@gmail.com
  • Mondays: 7 pm at church: Stephen Price Gibson, spricegibson@hotmail.com
  • Tuesdays: 7 pm at church: Pastor Tim, timsstern@gmail.com
  • Wednesday: 10 am at church: Pastor Jon, jgnelson1985@gmail.com
Please sign up in the lobby or contact Pastor Jon if you want to get involved. This is a wonderful opportunity to walk deeper in faith.
One Great Hour of Sharing
Special Offerings: Disaster Assistance, Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People
Around the world, millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity. The three programs supported by One Great Hour of Sharing are the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger program, and Self-Development of People. All of these programs work in different ways to serve the individuals and communities in need. From initial disaster response to ongoing community development, their work fits together to provide people with safety, substance, and hope.
Received during the season of Lent, each gift to One Hour of Sharing helps to improve the lives of people in these challenging situations. The Offering also provides us a way to share God’s love with our neighbor.
Please give generously to One Great Hour of Sharing. You can give online, text an amount to 410-983-3481 followed by GreatHour, or envelopes are available in the seat pockets. Thank you Cheryl Schafer, Mission Elder, csscas@verizon.net
Meeting of Minds Mission Meeting
You are invited! 7pm, Wednesday, March 11, for the following topics of discernment:

·         building a relationship with the Lighthouse Homeless Prevention Support Center
·         listening session on CAP (Christian Assistance Program)
·         update on refugee support work
·         jobs for returning citizens

Questions? Cheryl Schafer, Mission Elder, csscas@verizon.net
Prayer Requests
Ple ase keep the following people in your prayers this week:

PRAYERS OF HEALING AND SUPPORT for Richard and Edie Budd; John Rolewicz; Bill Gaurin; Frank Dakai; Shelley Franklin’s nephew, Chris; Laurie and Fred Barrow’s niece, Hope Simeone, nephew, Samuel, and Fred’s aunt, Lee; Bernabe Solano; Griselda Solano's sister, Irma; Karen Dodson and her brother, Ron; Amy Stavely’s grandmother, Ruth Countryman; Kathy Miller’s sisters, Patty and Beth; Dick and Alta Paronto’s friends, Claire and Doug Sherman; Dotty Kauffman; Greg and Diane Makar's mother LeeAnn, Aunt Adeline, and cousin Michael; Ellen Makar’s uncle, Carl Erickson; Barbara Reynold’s sister-in-law, Kay Campbell; Laura Doughty’s brother-in-law, Carl Hahn; Bob Johns; Hollis Butterworth’s brother-in-law, Brian Smith; Cindy Knott’s mother, Madeline; Debbie Saylor’s uncle, Wayne; Laura Willoughby's father, Norman; Jose Lopez’s mother, Queta; Bill Ruble’s mother, Mary Jane Weathers; Stan Houck and Ann Hirschy; Christina Nelson’s grandmother, Pat Dole; Jon Nelson’s grandmother, Peggy; Chip Burnett; Kelly Burnett’s nephew, Justin; Debbie and Bruce Arey’s daughter, Allison; Debbie Arey’s aunt, Linda Rose; Dot Forloines; Dorene Chen’s family; Declan Steward’s father, Daryl; Lewis and James Shorter; Janet Dabbs’ sister, Diane Maloy; Archer and Honor Bauman’s grandfather, Larry; Lori Kronser’s father Cliff Corn; the Tardiff family; Brian Boudreau’s cousin, Valery Householder; Kameron and Kamarii Miller; Cheryl Walcutt’s mother, nephew, and sister, Judy Walsh; Amanda Wehage’s father, Dave; Ylonda Fauntleroy's aunt, Bernice Taylor; Brooks Emrick and her sister, Susan; Vaughn Brown; Frances Keyes; Julia Kirby's mother, Margaret Floyd, cousin, Judy and friend Barb Cleland; Erika Sealing's son, Trip, and grandmother, Margaret Schade; Amy Benson's family and Amy’s friend, Brian Shriner; Thomas and Judy Kochis; Margaret’s friends, Kim Nolet and Pastor Virginia Studer; Michelle Schoonmaker's friend Amaris Wallace; and Doug Mattingly’s mother.

PRAYERS OF LOVE AND SUPPORT for the guests and congregations involved with Winter Relief this week: Church at Severn Run and Calvary United Methodist Church.

THE LOVE AND PRAYERS OF THE CONGREGATION go out to the Barrow and Beckwith families on the death of Laurie’s uncle Bob Beckwith.

If you have prayer concerns or blessings that you would like to share, please contact Deacon Patriceo Green at patriceobgreen@gmail.com and he will add your concern to the prayer partners email chain.
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