For 30 years, OC Human Relations has been no stranger to resolving conflicts, facing down hate or leveling the playing field. On May 21, we began a year-long celebration of 30 years of bringing Orange County Together through a virtual anniversary launch, featuring keynote speaker john a. powell, artist Amanda Lee Harris-Gibbs and spoken word artist Arielle Estoria. We give thanks to community partners, sponsors and donors who helped make it possible since 1991.

The anniversary of George Floyd's death is a reminder that we must continue our efforts to dismantle discrimination and racism and work towards creating a community, where as Director powell said, "everyone feels like they belong."
Join us! We invite you to partner with us as we build a future where all can thrive without limits or judgements, and contribute to a healthy, equitable community.
Keynote Speaker
Director john a. powell stresses that inclusion, while important, is not the 'end goal'. The goal is to create a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging; to get there requires we build bridges of understanding that focus on "empathetic and compassionate listening and practice." 
Tune into Director powell's keynote on the journey from "Othering to Belonging" and his call to create "bridges to tomorrow."
"Orange County Together" Silent Auction
Amanda Lee Harris-Gibbs is a talented, multimedia artist, who created this original work of art LIVE during our 30th anniversary campaign event—ultimately capturing the spirit of “now and always.”

To learn more about the significance of the painting and participate in the silent auction, please click the link below.
30th Anniversary Campaign Donors
Thank you for supporting
an inclusive Orange County!
Keith and Judy Swayne
Family Foundation Fund 
Bill Witte and
Keiko Sakamoto 
Cosmos Health Solutions
Dr. Kevin and Michele Scott

Susan and John Reese
Anita Varela and Rusty Kennedy
Frank and PiLarr Marmolejo  

Drs. Gurpreet & Jasjit Singh Ahuja 

City of Irvine 
Dr. Jerry Hunter 

Greg McQuater 

Kay Carpenter

Cody and Deborah Engle

Rabbi Richard Steinberg
Coast Community College District

Ken Inouye 

James Lehmann 

Frederick Balzer

Martha Han