Dear Client, Family member or Friend,  
Hello again,  I am not sure about you, but I feel that the beginning of the next month is coming sooner and sooner every month.  This month is a very special month for most of us.  As we get to celebrate our Mami's, Grand-Mamis, Great-Grand Mami's, and Great Great Grand Mami's if you are so blessed to still have them here with you.  Also for all of us that have lost any of these vital women in our lives, we get to celebrate the Amazing & Transforming memories we hold of them in our hearts.   I must tell you that if you would have told me that one day I would be writing an article regarding mother's day, I would have told you that I would prefer not to do it.  But this is part of my journey, to continue to let go more and more of those old onion peels of my life.  Why my previous comment?  Because I did not have a great relationship with my Mom for many years.   I was raised more with my Grandma "MaMa Maty" so I grew fonder, closer & loyal to her. She was the solid rock in my life.  I owe so much of who I am to her and I must tell you that when she went to be with the Lord I knew she was in a better place and it was her time, but my world went totally out of balance.  It has taken me a long time to be on solid ground again.  Today I cherish all the moments,  the hospital visits, the trips, the meals, the heart to heart talks I had with her & being by her side till she took her last breath.   I am so grateful that I always made time to spend time with her, no matter how busy my schedule was.  I have only good memories with her.   She is one of the best mentors I have had in my life.

Now, lets fast forward.  Today I am experiencing a relationship with my Mother like never before.  I once heard at an Al-Anon meeting "Don't leave  before the miracle" and today I know what that means.  I have stayed on course, doing what I am supposed to be doing.  Taking care of myself, my husband, my kids, my clients.  Living on purpose.  And over night, the need to care for my Mother arose, and I felt guided to step up, not really knowing what this entailed. The story is very long if I give you details, so let me give you a summary.  I brought her to my home  with the blessing of my loving husband 8 weeks ago - with Hospice care (a great organization)  on many narcotics due to her constant pain all over her body, her diagnosis was a stroke and chronic fibromyalgia.  I began feeding her according to her blood type, juicing according to her blood type, giving her basic nutrition from New Spirit Naturals products - Love, Care, Understanding, sometimes tough Love (when I tell her she cannot eat this or that), Encouragement to take control of her own health.  And must I tell you all, that her improvement, her transformation is impressing so many of us.  The Hospice nurses are so shocked at her progress for the good, her Hospice care giver, the Hospice Social Worker, Her husband, all of our Family, my colleagues.  I am immensely grateful to God for allowing me to walk this experience with my Beautiful Mom. I am leaning that she is a very Unique being, that she has lots of wisdom, Love and Knowledge & a desire to learn more. I am enjoying every moment we have together. I thanked her the other day for allowing me to practice on her all that I have learned. 

Life is real journey. My desire is that this Mother's Day you allow yourself a moment of inward reflection - How is your relationship with your Mom, have you opened your heart to let your Mom see the real you, have you helped her in all the ways that you can, have you spent time with her, if today was the last day of your Mom's life or yours would you have any regrets.  I really pray that this small blog can inspire you in a by fold way.  One that you realize that Our Health Is Our Responsibility and that it is US who have to take different actions to get different results.  Begin by taking care of yourself first, then you can help your neighbor, your family, your friend.  Second, that you realize that time is precious, that life is short and that as my Mother in law said to me all the time, what ever you will do for me and with me, do it while I am Alive.  To all of you that are Mamis, I wish you all an amazing Mother's day.  Make it an incredible Month.  I cant wait to hear your success stories. 

On a final note, I must say that I am so grateful to be the Mom of 3 beautiful grown children and for my beautiful grandchildren.  I love being their Mom and Nani. 
 Till next time

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