EHT is Taking Action to Protect Children
Our children are at risk. We need the facts: Exactly how much wireless radiation penetrates into a child's brain? Support groundbreaking research.
Millions of young children are using wireless devices today.

What we know:

  • Cell phones and wireless devices operate by emitting microwave radiation

  • Children are particularly vulnerable due to thinner skulls and higher brain fluid

  • Wireless radiation impacts brain development

What we need:

We need to buy updated software that will create the world's first models of how cell phone and other microwave radiation penetrates into one-year-old and two-year-old brains. These models produce three-dimensional images showing how far radiation reaches into the young, rapidly developing brain. Please help us raise $20,000 to complete this critically important study being conducted by EHT teams working in Brazil with some of the nation's most distinguished researchers.


Environmental Health Trust

-Dr. Davis, Founder

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