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⚠️ Action Alert! Greenville, your attendance is needed this Tuesday, July 20 ⚠️

On Tuesday, July 20, two very important items are on the agenda for Greenville County Council: The first, a public hearing and vote at 2nd reading for a proposed ordinance that would replace the controversial local land development regulation Article 3.1, provide for rural conservation subdivision design standards, and strengthen traffic-management requirements for residential development throughout the unincorporated area. The second, a motion to amend the upcoming County budget to include funding for the Historic and Natural Resources Trust (HNRT).

Please join us in person in Council Chambers (301 University Ridge) on Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Signs will be available for you to show your support during each of these votes.

Each of these topics is critically important and will shape the future of Greenville County. We need to fill the room to show Council members that Greenville residents care deeply about responsible growth and the protection of historic and natural resources.

If you need a crash course on Article 3.1, visit our latest blog post to read some background information and how we would like to see the proposed replacement ordinance strengthened.

To join the Greenville Coalition for Greenspace, a group that supports private and public initiatives to protect more historic and natural resources in Greenville County, visit
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Stop by and see us at the "Crit!"
Spartanburg's fastest night is right around the corner! Hosted by PAL on Friday, August 20, this exhilarating bike race turns the heart of the city into a one-of-a-kind block party. Stop by the Upstate Forever tent on Broad Street to chat with our team and enjoy a front-row view of the action. We'll see you there!
Upstate growth by the numbers
The Greenville News's recent "Rural Roots" series examined the impact of the region's growth on agriculture, as unchecked development rapidly consumes farmlands. Did you know that SC has lost about 2,000 farms since 1992 or that the average size of an Upstate farm has decreased by 36%? View more stats
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UF staff anniversaries
It's a big month for staff anniversaries! Scott Park, Glenn Hilliard Director of Land Conservation, is celebrating five years on the UF team. Executive Director Andrea Cooper, Engagement & Events Coordinator Ginger Goldsmith, and Gift Processing & Database Coordinator Ava Thacker are all celebrating six years!

Protected properties for sale
Are you interested in owning a property that has a conservation easement with Upstate Forever? Visit our website at to view properties that are currently for sale. For more information about a particular property, please contact the listing agent directly.

Septic repair funding available
If you own a septic tank and live in the Three and Twenty Watershed, you may be eligible for up to 60% cost share in septic tank repair or replacement. This is part of a partnership with Anderson Regional Joint Water System to implement a watershed-based plan to protect drinking water sources. Damaged or improperly maintained septic systems can be a significant source of bacteria to surface and groundwater resources. Check your eligibility here
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