Newsletter #59
May 2017

Learn Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
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APF Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel 

APF's Annual Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel will take place from November 4 to 9, 2017. Click here to view the course brochure. 
Please complete the 2017 Course Registration Form and return it to APF along with your deposit to reserve your spot!

For additional information, please contact the APF office. 
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Colonel Dr. Tarif Bader -
Col. Dr. Tarif Bader, Deputy Surgeon General of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and a proud member of Israel's Druze community, will become the first Druze Surgeon General of the IDF this summer. Dr. Bader has overseen three IDF humanitarian delegations abroad in: Haiti (2010), Nepal (2015) and Turkey (2016). Under his leadership, the hospitals in these missions treated thousands of sick and injured civilians. During Bader's time as Chief Medical Officer of the IDF Northern Command, he oversaw the opening of the field hospital on the Syrian border. There the IDF treated Syrians wounded in the civil war. He has served in the IDF Medical corps since 1993.

May 25 - New York 

Dr. Yitsik Biton: He's Got Rhythm!
Dr. Yitschak Biton and his family
Dr. Yitschak Biton is an electrician for the heart.
The 39-year-old native of Lod (about 9 miles SE of Tel Aviv) is a 2016-2017 APF Clinical Fellow in Cardiac Electrophysiology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.

Biton wants to thank APF for himself and all the other fellowship recipients.
"I know APF has to help train a generation of physicians and we don't take this money for granted. It is very much appreciated."