Volume 02| May 2018
May 5, 2018 - It's Mulch Time for Trees
City of Sacramento and Sacramento Tree Foundation are partnering to provide a FREE workshop on how to mulch and use soaker hoses for young and mature trees. There are many benefits to having healthy trees at your home. Learn how to care for your trees, why and how to mulch, and how best to water trees during hot summer months.

City of Sacramento is hosting it's 3rd annual Mulch Mayhem Event!

FREE Yard Mulch will be available for pick-up to City of Sacramento Utilities Customers! Bring your own shovels, containers, and tarp to cover and haul away the mulch.
Are you coming to City's Mulch Mayhem?
2 Broadway (close to Miller Park) in Sacramento

05/12/18 8:00am - 05/12/18 12:00pm

I'll be there!
I can't make it
Mulch Mayhem is a regional event. Learn when and where they are happening in Sacramento region. Click here .
Spring is Sprinkler Spruce- Up

Spring is right around the corner—are your sprinklers ready? Homes with irrigation systems use about 50 percent more water outdoors than homes without. Spruce up your sprinkler system now.
Water saving as a way of life in California

California dodged another drought this year, but fewer people in the state are still conserving water. In fact, state records show water savings in urban areas...

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