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For decades now Black people have celebrated their contributions to American History and Culture during February, as part of Black History Month. Annually, we come together to observe where we have been, and we look ahead toward a bright future.

This Black History Month, The AMAAD Institute is calling our community into action. It is imperative that we focus our collective attention on Community Health, Wellness, and Healing. Often the way we treat ourselves, and each other is often reflective of how we have been treated by our family members or in the community.

Imagine growing up and constantly having to hear messages about being an abomination to God, or that you are going to hell, or will succumb to the HIV/AIDS virus. These are the messages that have plagued the Black LGBTQIA+ community.

I am reminded of our resiliency, and our strength as I reflect on the Civil Rights movement that continues to play out in America today. It is my belief that the Black community can move anything we put our hands on, but we cannot move forward if we refuse to have conversations that make us feel uncomfortable. We have to take ownership of our personal lives and our community because if we don’t, nothing will change. For forty-plus years we have watched the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In recent years COVID-19 has surfaced and Black people are yet again in the midst of conversations on how this impacts our future. It is time for us to Sankofa “go back and get it”. To learn from the past and apply it to the future. This is how we work toward progress.

The village mentality that our ancestors established in the Black community decades ago, must return. Collectively we have to think the best of each other even when we don’t fully understand. We have to stop spectating and be a part of the change we want to see in our community. If we open our hearts and educate our minds we can eradicate every pandemic, stigma, and obstacle in our way. Happy Black History Month AMAAD Squad!


Darnell Green


Youth Health & Wealth Manager

In Living Color Recap

On January 20, 2023, the AMAAD Institute was honored to host the 2nd Annual In Living Color Award Ceremony & Mixer. Eight community members were recognized for their one-of-a-kind contributions to the community. We applaud these trailblazers for making a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the Los Angeles community.

Thank you for everything you do for the community, and may this not just be a one-time event, but that you all be celebrated on a daily basis.

Story Circle's- 02/26/2023

“You’re invited to a virtual support group for Women of Color. VENT is a Vehicle Everyone Needs To help let go of. Join us on February 26, 2023, from 11 am-1 pm, as the HIV.E’s Women of Color cohort holds space with you. Here you can release energetic and emotional trauma related to being infected or affected by HIV. A raffle and other resources will be provided at the end of the session.”

Dechelle Richardson


Community Engagement & Training Coordinator

President's Day- AMAAD's closed

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Black History Month AMAAD Squad! 

Join Prevention Specialist, Rome Woods on 2/8/23 for Wellness Wednesday hosted on Instagram Live from 1-2 pm

This month's session is all about Self-Love….come get yourself some.

Veroman Woods


Prevention Specialist

Clinical Corner

As we embark on this new year, it is important to reflect on what you desire to achieve this year. The New Year means new things, such as:

New Soul – Let go and Let Love

New Nose – Everything funky ain’t bad (a funky situation or a funky attitude person)

New Feet – Take the path less traveled

New Backbone – Embrace challenges with courage

New Ears – Listen with empathy

New Eyes – Stay focused on your mark, on your prize

Whatever you do this year, make sure that you are doing something you love and is self-fulfilling. Your soul will thank you for it!

Lea Collins


Behavioural Health Counselor Therapist

Peggy Kiarie


Media Coordinator

Christopher Webb



Darnelle Green



Dr. Carl Highshaw



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