Vol. 4  | No. 12 |  Consular Outreach this Weekend!
Philadelphia  |  March 22, 2013

Little Time That Matters Big     
Photo by: Jade Mark Jarbadan  |  Thanks to Jonan Castillon, a friend and fellow blogger from faraway New Zealand for this week's guest editorial. 
      Have you thought and realized that the little time we are spending with God would matter big time when suddenly all else fail?

      We grow up in a society where achieving a good and successful life means working hard and earning high. Of course, there's nothing wrong with it because indeed we need to work hard and earn a living.

      The issue is more on spending almost all of our time on what we thought were the essentials of good life to the point that we even compromise the two-hour we spend for Sunday worship.

      Oftentimes, going to church on Sunday for even the short moment of worshiping God is a struggle for some of us. If it's not, we see it only as fulfilling an obligation but our heart is not really into it.

      Many don't realize having quiet time with God is important. Maybe some know but they never get to do it regularly.

      There are people who woke up in comfort, they have everything in life, business and career are very successful and the need to worship God is not relevant anymore.

      Doing online writing, I recalled one of my clients who after knowing that I'm a pastor, expressed that he doesn't believe in God.

      A month later a strong earthquake hit their city and devastation was widespread. Chatting through Skype the day after the earthquake, I read his message requesting for prayers as they go through the calamity that struck their place.

      I have read how people who have forsaken God, who never gave time to commit their lives to Him, who are in the midst of trials, hang on to that little time they spent in faithful worship service for sanity and survival.

      Yes, let's not neglect the little time that we give in communing with God because I'm sure that it would matter a lot when trials come.

      If two hours every Sunday is the only time you can spend with God, please make sure that it's the best and precious time you can give.

      You might not be aware nor you might not believe but your existence hangs on that thin thread of time you spend with God.

      Don't wait for calamities to come before you treasure your time with God.

Make it matter now before your time in this world runs out.


Postcript:  Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come.
Mark 13:33





Jonan, wife Jewel and daughter "Inday" and his family lives in Timaru, South New Zealand. There is not a lot of them down under, but true to the Pinoy nature, they organized themselves and in so doing reach out and helped one another in one faraway place.  "May your tribe increase and kumusta from all Pinoys in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area!" Follow Jonan on his Blog.
Update Associate Editor and friends visit New York
Update Associate Editor Ferdie Luyun, ICAGP President Ruth Luyun and friends visited New York City recently to show support to Kim Barroso who performed at the Lincoln Center. It was a wonderful time for their group to enjoy the lights and sounds of the "city that never sleeps". With the group are Rosie Ortega Gesmundo, Amanda Robertson, Salud Corpuz, Delia May Celestino.
Kim had a superb performance and everybody felt proud: a Philadelphian at the keyboards and wowing the crowd.
Kim comments: "One of those unforgettable trips, one can say, to NYC. First time traveling there with mom, and the timing, a performance as one of the collaborative pianists for the Temple University Concert Choir. From Time Square, to the edge of Central Park to the performance then a harbor cruise aboard the Hybrid, dinner, dancing, to first time seeing Lady Liberty to a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan, winding down with Dr. Rardin and friends from the choir!"
Pres. Aczon received Award

By: Lucy De Simone
| Council President Hermie Aczon received the "Golden Heart" award from the PHHOSO, Philippine Hearts and Hopes Society at the Astoria Manor Hotel last March 17 in New York City.
"The honor is not mine alone, but for the whole Fil-Am community in the Greater Philadelphia area" she smiled when I asked her. Gwen de Vera also received an award.
Several other recognitions were given to prominent Fil-Am leaders from the Trenton, New York and Connecticut areas.  Congratulations to Nena Kaufman who energetically put together the event  for her organization, PHHOSO.

GMA Pinoy TV

Enjoy the many offerings of GMA TV with new programs and features starting this Spring 2013.
According to Grace Labaguis of GMA-TV they bring the best in Pinoy entertainment and news.
GMA will be covering our Philippine Fiesta event at the Cooper River Park this coming June 8.  This will be the first time that our local event will be featured and aired internationally through their network.
Contact: Grace Labaguis
Essential Consulting Services, LLC
71 W. 23rd Street, Suite 1628, New York, NY 10010
Office:   212-206-1627  |  Mobile:  201-344-6139   Email: grace@essentialconsultingsvcs.com
Marketing Consultant
GMA International - US East Coast
GMA Pinoy TV & GMA Life TV

Passports and authentications and other consular matters? Mark the date: March 23, tomorrow!  Holy Week events from March 24-31 at OLHC in North Philadelphia.  Watch a free movie at the United Artists 14 Theater this Holy Friday, courtesy of April Polutan Ward. Click here.
      Thanks to all of you who attended the March 17 Meeting at OSAC Social Hall. We had a very good attendance. I can feel the heightened interest as the weather warms up and events are happening at a dizzying rate! Almost an event every weekend: so get that energy out as we work together as a community and help one another to make concrete the many projects of each association.
      We have a significant presence of our young people who attended the meeting: from Drexel U we have: Leo Arcilla, Shaun Cruz, James Truong, and Ruben Sandoval. The Philippine Penn  Association of Upenn was represented by Ronald Martin, and Temple U by Cheryl Marcelo.  This signals the active participation and engagement of our young people into the Council.
      Let us welcome them wholeheartedly and share with them the vision of a progressive and united Fil-American community in Philadelphia working together and helping one another.  I am sure that we can also take our involvement to the next level by maintaining visibility in our local community and the U.S. at large. I am happy that this initial result of the Leadership Training held at Drexel U will open new avenues of service for all of us.

(FB Photos by Ferdie Luyun, Gloria Pineda, Lucy De Simone and Yolanda Taurrozi)
      From New York City I arrived to a full-packed ballroom at the Radisson. The Mardi-Gras is the first of its kind of the PNAPA and for its first year: it was a blast!  It was nice to meet many of you again and I am elated to meet new friends. Congratulations President Lyn Javier, you did a wonderful job and so did your officers who were all behind you!
      Tomorrow, the 23rd is the Consular Outreach to be hosted by the PCSNJ at the Phil. Community Center. See you there!

      FAABCI will celebrate Spring with the Annual Spring Dance on April 6. We will all be there Nida! 

      Get ready and be involved. Looking forward to meeting many of you in one of our many events.


     Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat and enjoy your weekend.

Hermie Samaniego Aczon



Free Christian Movie this Lenten Week March 29 Friday

The Perfecting Church and United Artist Washington Township 14 movie theater are partnering to host the biggest community movie day of the year on Good Friday. We would like to invite members of the Council and the Fil-Am community to join us for this free event! 
April Polutan Ward, (she the daughter of Roger and Aurora Polutan, PNA-DVI..!),  Lead Operations Coordinator is excited about this event, having distributed tickets into our Fil-Am community.  We have reserved multiple theaters for this special viewing of "The Grace Card" with you and other neighbors at UA Washington Township 14, located on 121 Tuckahoe Road in Sewell, NJ 08080 on March 29, 2013 at 10AM. 
The Grace Card Movie Trailer:  http://www.thegracecardmovie.com 
Last year over 700 area residents came together on Good Friday to view the movie Courageous, taking up two full theaters. This year we want you and your group to be a part of doubling that attendance!
Did you get your tickets during the last meeting? See you at the movie!
FB Photo and Share of the Week

Monarch Butterflies gather to welcome Spring

The beauty of togetherness ~ simply awesome! Applied to mankind, there's beauty if a certain group of people from the same ethnic group if they are all together in their deeds, appearance in terms of attire, and manner of achieving one common goal.  
Freddy, do you think Filipinos can be "beautifully together" like these butterflies? 

This photo reminds many of us of the "good old days" back in the islands where at one time in our lives we do enjoy the rain. "I'm dancing in the rain..." as the song goes and we bathe ourselves in the rain as we go home.These two guys are obviously enjoying their conversation as they walk in the rain.
  An FB Photoshare by: Ilovethephilippines
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Let us Pray for Eternal Peace 

Nanay Lydia Cruz, Sons and Daughters of WW2
Laura Calvelo
Mother of Grace Rustia & Johnny
Rodrigo Abejo

Father of FECGP Past Vice President Noel Abejo
He will be greatly missed.
Aguinaldo Fontanilla
Beloved father of Senen Fontanilla and the Fontanilla families.
A proud veteran who served his country. Father, friend, and loving husband.
Prayer for the Sick
Please pray for
Ken Onseung, looking for a bone marrow donor (see side article)
and also for
Tom and Ester Reyes

Teddy Omana

Don Marino Sayson

Virgilio Redondo

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Leadership Training Photos 
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By Karen Ongseung 


My brother, Ken Juanitas Ongsueng is 28 years old. He was recently married and looks forward to a happy life with his wife Jenna in Allentown. Ken is an ICU RN at Sacred Heart with a lot of drive and compassion. He is a wonderful brother, and son and is a very compassionate and emphatic man. We are a happy Filipino family and he being the eldest brother, we take pride in seeing ourselves in him.  

He can truly understand why and made it a point to go out of his way to help everyone and he showed it through helping individuals, even strangers in his nursing career. A few months ago he married his soul mate Jenna Kern and they're expecting their first child together. Ken was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome positive.  

Both of us, myself and my younger sister Kelly were tested to be a bone marrow donor but both did not match.  

Our mom Carmen, prayerfully makes this appeal: "We are looking for a bone marrow donor that could possibly be a match to our son. We urge everyone to go to www.marrow.org

for information. You can be the one to save our Ken.  Maraming salamat.  

Contact person: Carmen Ongsueng @ 610-544-0984. Or Ken Ongsueng@ 610-999-7100


Thank you both for your support and prayers in this hard time in our family. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated by all us. The Ongseung family.  

(Editor's Note: I personally knew the Ongseung Family. His father Johnny and I enjoyed our childhood growing up together. They are from Iloilo and exemplifies a model Pinoy family until this  event happened into Ken's life. I knew Ken as a kid and appreciated how much vigor and zest he has in life as a wrestler in our local high school. We are praying for you Ken. Hold on dear brother. God will provide a way. Please help this family, I pray,)



Upcoming Events

2013 Community Events



Mar 23  |  PCSNJ

Consular Outreach in So. Jersey 

9:00 AM  - 3:00 PM


Mar 23  |  FACAA Basketball

Tournament every Saturday till Mar 23

10AM - 5PM

Samuel Fels High School

5500 Langdon St. Philadelphia


Mar 24-31  |  Mahal na Araw

Our Lady of Hope Parish


Washington Township (see left article

this issue) 


Mar 30  |  IBC MEN'S


at the Panes Residence


Apr 6  |  FAABCI Spring Dance

Venue to be announced



Pilipino Penn Association  PPA

Dunlop Auditorium

West Philadelphia


Apr 13  |  20th Anniversary

International Bible Church

Upper Darby, PA at 3PM 



Olde St. Augustines

Social Hall

Philadelphia, PA  


Apr 14  |  KSOP  Sunday

Spring Party - Mandarin Buffet

11 to 4 PM


Apr 28  |  PNASNJP

Induction of New Officers 

Crowne Plza Plaza, Cherry Hill 


Olde St. Augustine's Social Hall


May 4  |  USTMAATS 

Induction and Ball

City Line Hilton


May 11  |  FAAPI

Mother of the Year

Venue/Details to be Announced


May 18  |  PNA-DVI

Miss Florence Nightingale 2013

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Cherry Hill, NJ 


June 1  |  Flag Raising

USS Olympia  10 AM

followed by:


Our Lady of Hope Parish Church

5200 North Broad Street 


June 8  |  Independence Day Picnic

Cooper River Park

Camden, NJ


June 14

FECGP Independence Ball  

Westin Hotel, Mt. Laurel, NJ  


June 15  |  FAAPI Dedication and

Unveiling of the Fil-American Mural


July 20  |  Phil Consulate New York

Tribute to the Philippines

Ocean City



Olde St. Augustine's Church



Nov 8  |  PMSGP

Annual Charity Ball


Nov. 17  |  KSOP

Outstanding Parents of the Year

Sunday, Crowne Plaza Hotel


Dec 6  |  FECGP Xmas Party

OLPC 5200 N. Broad



Dec 7  | Christmas Cantata

6:30 pm 

International Bible Church

Upper Darby, PA


Dec 7  |  FAABCI Pasko sa Nayon 

Venue/Details to be announced


Dec 28  |  FAAPI  

Rizal Ball & Miss Maria Clara 2014

Venue/Details to be Announced.




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