June 22, 2015
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To: Members and Friends of the Maryland Green Registry
Measure what is measurable
and make measurable what is not so."


                                                                                           Galileo Galilei

Measurement is one of the key criteria of joining the Maryland Green Registry. Each of you has shared at least one measurable result through your member profile, whether it be kilowatt hours saved, gallons of fuel reduced, or pounds of waste eliminated. Thanks to your participation, we are able to add up all the results each year to get a bigger picture of the total environmental benefits and costs savings of your practices.

     This year's results will be announced at the Maryland Green Registry annual awards and networking event on  July 29, to be held in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council, Maryland Chapter.  Join us and see for yourself how your efforts are part of a greater story on the collective impact of sustainable practices. 

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator


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Two Great Measurement and Tracking Tools

Energy, Water and Waste: The three items that nearly every member of the Maryland Green Registry strives to manage. Fortunately, careful tracking and management are rewarded with significant cost savings.                                                                 

Energy Star Portfolio Manager provides an easy way to track both your energy and water usage and allows you to benchmark against the energy use of similar type facilities.    


Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) System is a tool provided to organizations that join EPA's WasteWise program. It allows you to track all types of waste streams in a secure web-based program that can accommodate multiple locations and users.


To learn more about both of these tools, check out archived and upcoming webinars here:


Webinars for Energy Portfolio Manager and Webinars for the WasteWise SMM System  

Maryland Green Registry Video Library


We've added some new videos of members showcasing some of their environmental practices to the Maryland Green Registry Video Library. If you have a process that that comes across more clearly in video than on paper, shoot a video and send us a link. We'll add it to the video library and also link it to your member profile.



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