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Archive and Storage in the Cloud


Thursday, February 27, 2014

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


While cloud services have exploded in recent years, nothing has grown like the need for storage. Burgeoning storage budgets have forced enterprises to implement alternative solutions in the Cloud. Getting data into, or worse out of, cloud storage can be both difficult and expensive without well defined SLAs. Lowering costs while not harming productivity or performance can be challenging. Determining the right solution for Cloud storage can be deceiving as multiple providers promise the world but delivery often comes up short in terms of performance and TCO.

Several factors go into picking a cloud storage solution. Some of these include:

  • Size matters
    • Whether you have one terabyte or one petabyte makes a huge difference in your decisions
  • Hot or cold?
    • Is your data being used in production? Or are you hoping to never access it again?
    • Is it for Archive only? Or Archive and Research when necessary?
  • Compliance
    • Are you required to keep copies a certain number of years?
    • Or a certain number of miles away?
    • Encryption required?
  • Features
    • Do you know your RTO?
    • Do you know what deduplication is? Do you need it?

The answers to these questions can make a massive difference in your choices of providers, products, and costs. So many factors can alter storage and archival design significantly, and performance and reliability can suffer without the most efficient designs. Why save compliance data for years on expensive disk platforms when moving that data to secured Archive platforms can lessen costs significantly and free up precious expensive storage for data that actually requires it. Patrick Gilmore, Markley Group's CTO, will discuss strategies for using the cloud to store data.  


No Charge! Lunch will be provided. 


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