MCL's positions on u pcoming ballot measures
MCL does much of its advocacy work before governmental bodies to ensure that environmental values are consistently upheld in public policy. Periodically we shift into a different mode - that is, working to influence public policy at the ballot box. The March 3 election brings that opportunity! Continue reading for MCL's position on three important upcoming ballot measures.
Yes on Measure C
This critical initiative, if approved by the voters, will create the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority ( MWPA ), bringing together the county’s key fire-fighting resources in collaborative preparedness and protection of our communities from wildfire. It will also incorporate environmental practices into fire-safe vegetation management: As the MWPA concept evolved over past months, MCL and other organized environmental and climate interests actively participated by drafting language in the MWPA measure to ensure that climate and environmental concerns will be incorporated into the many programs and actions the measure proposes – that vegetation is not viewed solely as fuel for wildfires but also valued for its essential ecological functions in the landscape and its complex role in both carbon storage and release and managed accordingly.
On March 3, vote Yes on Measure C.
No on Measure D
Protect San Geronimo Valley's water quality, wildlife, and sensible planning options for public safety and recreation on the 157-acre former San Geronimo Golf Course site.
A narrow special-interest group has crafted this ballot measure, which would require that any future proposed land use for the property other than "golf course" be approved by all Marin County voters. If approved, Measure D could jeopardize reasonable and beneficial future uses of the site for restoration of endangered fish and wildlife habitat, critical new fire department headquarters, and a variety of new nature-based recreation opportunities. This "planning-at-the-ballot-box" measure would also set a bad precedent by potentially subjecting all of Marin County's local community plans (28 total) to countywide referendums, thereby taking away local decision-making authority and negating sound environmental planning.
Save Marin County from bad planning and vote NO on Measure D.
Measure I
While Marin Conservation League supports most publicly funded transit, it does not support renewing the SMART sales tax (Measure I) at this time.

MCL's concerns are:

  • SMART's greenhouse gas emission reductions have been minimal given the cost.
  • SMART has increased traffic congestion and air pollutants from autos in some cities.
  • SMART's rail infrastructure is not adapted to sea level rise.
  • SMART's long-promised bicycle/pedestrian pathway remains incomplete.

Until SMART addresses the issues above and improves its transparency and accountability, MCL does not support extension of the quarter-cent sales tax for SMART at this time. Read MCL's letter to SMART District's Board of Directors for more detailed information.
Community Events

Friday, February 28, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Meet: Creek Park, Sir Francis Drake Blvd. & Center Blvd., San Anselmo

Join 350Marin, the Sunrise Movement, the Sierra Club Marin Group and Sustainable San Rafael for a rally and march in San Anselmo. They're going to tell Chase, Bank of America, Citi and Wells Fargo to end their massive money pipeline supporting fossil fuel extraction!

Environmental Forum of Marin presents: Impacts of Bay Area Sea-level Rise, how can nature help?

Tuesday, March 17, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Dr.

Now is the time for Marin communities to develop and implement plans for adapting to sea-level and groundwater level rise. Come learn about recent research findings that affect you and how to support proposed solutions. Experts from UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University/Estuary & Ocean Science Center bring their expertise to talk about Marin’s challenges and opportunities for adaptation.

MCL Committee Meetings
Since 1934 MCL has helped conserve more than 11,000 acres in Marin and has advocated for policies to steward all protected land. Today MCL continues to fight for you in many areas: for clean water, clean air, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and for a resilient Marin community and well-stewarded, biodiverse lands that can better withstand the effects of climate change. We cannot do any of this without the help of our members.

Thank you for your support.
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