No more Instagram - Our schedule is live on Mindbody ONLINE!
Starting FRIDAY, MAY 15th -  We will NOT be teaching classes on Instagram anymore.  Our Mindbody software that we use has now enabled online videos directly from us to you!  Read on to learn more!

Step One:
Go to the App Store on your handheld device and search Modo Yoga, once you have found it, download it to your device. 

Step Two:
Each of our locations, Dundas and Stoney Creek, are responsible for a different function.  You can find all of our Yoga classes, times and teachers listed under Dundas, and all of our Barre classes, times and teachers listed under Stoney Creek 

Step Three:
Find the class you want to take and sign up for the class!  If you are a member already or have class passes, it will give you the option to sign up for the class.  If not, we have created payment options at the bottom of this email. 

Step Four - How to Access The Online Platform
You will get a link emailed to the email address that you have given us in your profile. You will receive an email 30 mins prior to class with the link.  If you sign up for class within 30 mins, you will receive the link via email without 1-3 minutes.  
At the time that class is to start, click on the link, and it will prompt you to sign into Mindbody.  This is your email address and the password you created either in-studio or through the Modo Yoga App.  From there, you will be able to sign in to class.  
Decide where you want to view the class, on your phone, laptop, iPad or tablet.  Click the link from that device.  At this point, it will prompt you to login using the username and password that you use to log into our app or mind body online website.  

Once you've logged in, your browser will ask to access your camera and microphone. Choose  Allow - you'll still be able to mute your mic or turn off your camera in class if you'd like, but enabling at the browser level ensures you have control when the live stream starts. 

You can use the microphone and camera buttons at the top to set your preferences. By default, the camera will be off and your mic will be muted. 

When you're ready to join the class, click Join Live Stream in the middle of the screen.

If you arrive early to class, you'll hang out in the waiting room until the instructor joins and it's time to begin.

You can fit the instructor's video to your screen by hovering over the video, then clicking on the full screen icon on the bottom right. 

If you'd like to pause the video, right-click on the screen, then choose  Show controls . You'll see an option to pause at the bottom.

For more information, photos and screenshots, please click  Here

Payment For Classes
Elda and I have so much gratitude to everyone who has stayed on their current memberships, or even stayed on memberships as long as they could.  Every dollar means the world to us and will allow us to reopen.  If you are still able to stay on your current membership, this will serve as payment for these classes, we would appreciate it SO MUCH more than words can describe xo

We understand this is a hard financial time for everyone, and if you need to cancel your membership at anytime, or have ANY questions regarding memberships or class passes please reach out to us  Here.  

For these Online Mindbody classes, current class passes and memberships apply.  We have also come up with a variety of payment options that can be found  Here

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