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Blessings from Unity Canada Education Rep, Licensed Unity Teacher Wendy Carr!
Our Unity movement started with prayer, which developed into writing and publication, and then education - not just of future leaders, but for everyone.
I am blessed to continue this tradition through Unity Canada's commitment to Education as one of its 3 Pillars.
The ever-improving Zoom and other video-conferencing technology has made it possible for more of you to participate in our courses. We have grown our Canadian Unity community as Canadian Ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers have stepped forward to facilitate. All offered to you on a voluntary financial gift basis - pay as you're able.
Here's what's upcoming in the winter and spring terms...
February: Metaphysics 2 begins on Wednesday February 10th or Saturday February 13th - 5 weeks, 2 hours each session; pick which day works best for you.  
March: Twelve Spiritual Powers (the annual theme for 2021) enhances and deepens our knowledge through a 6-week course on Tuesdays starting on March 2nd.
See our Unity Canada full course listings for Winter/Spring 2021 here. To register for Metaphysics 1 or Twelve Powers, contact
After Easter, a week-long SEE Intensive runs the week of 19-23 April (see the courses and times here). Plan now for your time off work! With 5 time zones in play, we have carefully considered the timing of courses and breaks for a healthy experience! Registration opens March 1st - watch for a special mailing with full details!
*You're welcome to attend any course or event as a non-credit audit student
for your own personal growth and development.*

Looking forward to travelling the path together!
PS: If you're not sure what, or if, you want to study, let's talk. I can listen to your desired learning outcome - whether it be personal or professional - and guide you to the Unity Canada event(s) and course(s) that best fit.
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The Power for January is
The ability to Believe, Intuit and Perceive
Faith blesses my day and
paves my way.
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