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The Power for October is
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Nanaimo Metaphysical Network welcomes our own David Welsh on Reincarnation. Join us on Thursday, October 22nd, Suggested donation $7.00 plus Eventbrite fee of .92, Click on the Ticket above to reserve your spot.
About 35 years ago, my then, mother-in-law, established a spiritualist church in the New Westminster area. Spiritualist mediums touring across Canada from the UK would be invited to give presentations to the congregation and guests. Amazed by the accuracy of their information, I was also impressed by their down to earth manner. The mystery of the universe was beginning to reveal itself through their “readings”.
Some years later, I attended a one-day Saturday course at a high school where I had once been a teacher, called “Past Life Hypnosis.”
Skeptical though I was, and becoming weary after about 90 minutes of getting nowhere through several inductions, I was suddenly transported to a place beyond my waking imagination. Under hypnosis I recalled a previous life of mine. I did not have words to describe the clothes I was wearing. Was it a dress? I later discovered that it was called a “tunic”. However, I clearly saw an unusual shield on one of my arms, leather sandals with straps on my feet, and in my right hand a sword in the shape I had never before imagined.
Most importantly, the emotions that coursed through me during that battle were visceral and powerful. Something about the hypnosis experience registered as incredibly real, and took an unforgettable place in my waking consciousness.
Please bring your stories, and your curiosity, to our NMN session on Reincarnation
Join the network on November 5th with Carol Leferve: Get What You Want
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