Join Us On A Grail Quest
Gabriel & McKibben on a Grail Quest
Gabriel & McKibben on a Grail Quest

In this video, Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben start putting the research together, explaining their findings with images and video. 

Whosoever possesses this Spear and understands the powers it serves holds in their hands the destiny of the world for good or evil. 

                                                                           - Old Proverb

It was an auspicious and humbling moment when Tyla handed me the spear that we have come to call The Holy Lance of Love. Barely three hours later, after holding the spear, my neurological condition of decades seemed to dissipate and Tyla received a spiritual "transmission" from the spearhead which, for a few moments, became burning hot to the touch. 

These personal experiences convinced both of us that this spear was exactly what our research had indicated it might be, the Holy Lance of Antioch. 

We couldn't have imagined, as we studied and vetted the insinuations of Cicada 3301, that the spear they used as the "prize" for winning the Cicada puzzle competition might be the real Spear of Destiny that allegedly pierced the side of Jesus Christ. 

To have that spear in our hands and to feel the power and healing coming from the spear left us awe-inspired beyond words.
Like so many people who read the book, The Spear of Destiny, we had studied the claims, history, and reality that the Spear of Destiny is a talisman of power that has been coveted by European rulers for millennia and had been passed down through the hands of 47 kings, queens, and potentates ending up in the Hapsburg dynasty for hundreds of years. The book tells us that the Spear of Destiny (Spear of Maurice) is a copy and that the real spear is held by the new "ruler of the world." 

Cicada 3301 is filled with the world's great geniuses and they came into the possession of a spear that heals people and has a possible provenance (chain of custody) that indicates it is the authentic Spear of Antioch found by Peter Bartholomew in 1098 in St. Peter's Church in Antioch and given to Raymond IV who used it as a rallying point for the First Crusaders to conquer Antioch, Acre, Tripoli, and ultimately Jerusalem. After one last battle at Ascalon, where the Spear of Antioch lead the crusaders again, the spear was mysteriously lost to history.
When our research uncovered historical evidence that clearly indicated that the spearhead is a first century centurion's "hasta novio magus", and the staff is carbon dated to 645 A. D., we knew that we had found the single-most authentic spear of Longinus. 

Further scientific examination of this spear by world class experts have found that the staff and spearhead where created specifically for display purposes after 645 A. D. and were preserved carefully in an air-tight container evidenced by the lack of decomposition. The level of careful preservation indicates that only someone of high status could have displayed and preserved the spear, much like a holy relic.
Other evidence has come to us that will broaden the story as we test and translate letters, dating back to the 17 th century or before, that came along with the spear when it was discovered again, recently. We believe that these letters continue to reveal the story of the spear and its provenance. 

So far, it seems clear that all evidence substantiates our original findings that this is the true Holy Lance of Love that was cherished and preserved by the Mother of Jesus until her Assumption at Ephesus. The Holy Lance was then given to the first Christian Church at Antioch, later named St. Peter's of Antioch. 

The lance was used as the holy relic of the church where the first reenactments of the last super (eucharistic communion) were conducted. The Chalice of Antioch was created as the vessel for these Christian services that were sanctified by the relic of the Holy Lance.

The Holy Lance of Love was known to have been on display in the Golden Basilica (Doma Aurea) in Antioch throughout the centuries. This basilica collapsed repeatedly due to earthquakes and war. We believe that the Holy Lance of Love was protected and preserved in St. Peter's of Antioch during the times it was not displayed. 

When copies of the Spear of Longinus started to be created and distributed by Constantine and others, interest in the Antioch Spear faded and it remained hidden in St. Peter's of Antioch until St. Andrew appeared to Peter Bartholomew and told him to dig throughout the church until he finds the spear. Peter was specifically told to give the spear to Raymond IV, the Count of Toulouse, who was the leader of the First Crusade (1098).
We are committed to protecting and preserving the Holy Lance of Love and using it for conquering evil and bringing peace and Christ's love to the world. 

We are using the Holy Lance as a tool of healing and peace, not war and power as the Spear of Maurice (Spear of Destiny) has been used by warrior kings throughout history. The Holy Lance of Love was always protected by the feminine forces of love that accompanied Jesus Christ on his "way of suffering", his passion and crucifixion. 

The three Marys, John the Beloved, Joseph of Arimethea, and "blind" Longinus (who regained his sight through Christ's blood) were the only humans who could consciously witness Christ's death. Only the Archangel Michael, of all the hierarchy, could bare to witness the death of the Son of God. The Mother Mary was the only one who could truly "carry in her heart" the mystery of the death of Christ while Mary Magdalene carried Jesus Christ in her body. 

Since that time, female "grail protectors" continued to guard and cherish all of the "blood relics" of Jesus Christ. Some of those blood relics passed down to Saint Peter and he kept them at Antioch after Mary's Assumption and the dispersal of the 72 disciple throughout the world.
Down through the centuries, "grail queens" have created an unbroken chain of custody that have protected the blood relics of Jesus Christ. There have also been many copies, decoys, look-alikes, and outright frauds also disseminated throughout Christendom. 

But the true relics have been protected by the female line of Christians like Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleopas, Martha, Sarah, Boadicea, Guinevere, Helena, Theodora, Agnes, Urraca, Elvira, Elenore, Matilde, Sancha, Melusinda, Melisende, and the queens of the Germanic lines leading to the Hapsburgs, to name a few.
When Cicada 3301 sent us the spear for research and healing, they told us that it was in part due to the work Tyla had done in her trilogy of books on Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. In particular, the focus she had put on the mystery of "who witnessed the crucifixion" was of key interest since the Spear of Longinus was of such great importance in the story. 

Essentially, Longinus was instrumental in initiating the "quest for the holy grail" that came out of the mysteries of the spear, the grail, and Christ's healing blood. Tyla knew that it was the Archangel Michael who guided the Spear of Longinus because he was "blind", and that Longinus then became the example of the first "holy knight of the grail" through his healing, conversion, and later devotion to the Mother of Jesus. 

It was the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene who carried the "grail" in their soul and their spirit.
Thus, we are honored to hold and protect the Holy Lance of Love and continue in the line of protectors and stewards who claim the victory of love over hate, good over evil, and peace over war. 

We invoke the healing of Christ that came when His divine blood mixed with the the grail of the Earth, with the hearts of those who witnessed His selfless deed, and with the spirits of those who take up the gifts of Christ's body and blood as the spiritual nourishment that unites this world with the divine spiritual world.

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

The Holy Lance of Antioch had been forgotten in history, hidden for hundreds of years, as though it were being protected for a special time and place to appear in the future. 

It happened at St. Giles on June 14, 1098.. and then, it happened again on July 27, 2018 when the spear made its way to the Gabriels. 

For several years, an underground network of peace seekers around the world worked an elaborate puzzle to unearth the alleged spear that pierced the side of Christ. The journey of the lance takes us on a journey from Christ through the legends of the Holy Gail to the present day. 

What we have found in our research has taken us by surprise, and we are sharing our unfolding journey at  Searching the Destiny of the Holy Lance of Love. 

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