Good Friday – Services at noon and 7pm

On Good Friday, we sit at the foot of the cross, finding ourselves deeply connected with Jesus and experiencing God’s awe-inspiring and boundless love in ways we never could have imagined. In this contemplative and spare service, we have time for quiet contemplation and personal devotion as we touch the hard wood of the cross, venerating it with our devotion. Good Friday holds within it a depth of experience that opens our hearts in ways nothing else can.
Preparation in a time of pandemic
Consider preparing for the service by washing, as we were washed in our baptism. We cleanse our hands as we were cleansed in the waters of new birth. We do this not because we are afraid, but because we were commanded to love: and to cleanse our hands, and gather in spirit, is how we love the vulnerable, whom Jesus loved. May we be instruments of love. May the sacrifices we make be for the good of our human family near and far.
Here is what you will need to have ready at your house before the service begins
·        Your Good Friday Service Leaflet (sent in advance of the service)
·        A cross and anything you would like to use to venerate the cross – olive oil infused with rosemary, evergreen needles from your trees, flower petals or simply your devotion
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