The Great Vigil of Easter
April 11, 2020 ♦ 8:00 p.m.


Tonight, we come to the highpoint of our Triduum liturgies and we look forward to being with you. A couple of important things to know – you do not need to have a Facebook account or even care about Facebook in order participate in the service tonight.  You simply need to click on the link Cera has provided below. We are so very sad and sorry about the technical problems that have reared their heads… and that has been part of our journey through Holy Week too. We will be recording tonight’s service live, and hope that Facebook does not drop our connection as it did on Maundy Thursday.  However, if the connection is lost, know that we are recording the service and will post it as soon as it is completed – sometime after 9pm. You will find it on our Facebook page and later, on YouTube (takes longer to load). And it will be on our webpage on Sunday. If you want to watch on YouTube, go to YouTube and search for St Barnabas Bainbridge Island Easter Vigil . We hope, of course, that none of that is necessary, but we want you to be able to find the services in any circumstance. Don’t miss tonight!
The Great Vigil of Easter – Service at 8pm

The Great Vigil of Easter is the most multi-sensory and thrilling ritual of the entire Christian year! In a festival of darkness and light, fire and water, imagery, singing and story-telling, we conclude our journey that is the mystery of dying and rising with Christ.   The Light of Christ Comes into the World: We gather outside around the blazing New Fire, Christ’s light coming back into the world after the darkness of Good Friday. Following the light of the Paschal Candle, we hear the Exsultet (the most ancient of Easter proclamations) and make our way inside to hear Bible stories that tell of God’s saving power and great love for us. God is at work in the world!
Here is what you will need to have ready at your house before 8pm
·        Your Easter Vigil Service Leaflet (sent in advance of the service)
·        A candle
·        Noisemakers and happy voices