Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage
Month Celebration 2020
Each year, we celebrate diversity by celebrating Asian and Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (APIHM). This year with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the  Office of Latinx, Asian and Native American Affairs (LANA)  is celebrating this month remotely. Below is a list of remote programs, films, and activities that celebrate the rich Asian culture, traditions and history you can view throughout the month.

Take care, Be Safe, and Namaste.
Mia Honaker,
LANA Associate Director
APIHM Live Webex Workshop:
Let's Roll! Making Korean Kimbap
Join us as we host a live workshop to learn how to make this popular Korean dish.

Kimbap is a Korean dish made from cooked rice and other ingredients that are rolled in kim—dried sheets of laver seaweed—and served in bite-sized slices. It is a popular take-out food in Korea and abroad, and is known as a convenient food because of its portability.
Meeting Information
Meeting date: Friday, April 17, 2020
Meeting time: 1:00 p.m.
Meeting number: 478 622 930
Password: LetsRoll
Host key:  412832

APIHM Film Series: "Between Two Worlds"
Between Two Worlds: The Vietnamese-American Experience  is a two part award-winning documentary which features the remarkable stories of Vietnamese Americans and their families in the Dayton community. Even though this documentary tells the stories of Vietnamese Americans in Dayton, Ohio, their stories exemplify untold stories of other Vietnamese Americans in small or big cities around the nation. This documentary is a partnership between ThinkTV-Greater Dayton Public Television and Wright State University's Office of Latinx, Asian, and Native American Affairs.
Between Two Worlds: Dayton’s Vietnamese-American Community
The Emmy-nominated Between Two Worlds: Dayton’s Vietnamese-American Community  tells the remarkable stories of Vietnamese Americans who made the painful decision to leave their homes in Vietnam, survive the rigors and dangers of the journey and overcome the challenges of making a new life in a strange land. 

Between Two Worlds: The Next Generation
The Emmy award-winning Between Two Worlds: The Next Generation  examines the lives of seven second-generation Vietnamese Americans as they were buffeted by two cultures and struggled to fit in to U.S. culture at a time when America wanted to forget about the Vietnam War and its aftermath.

APIHM Film: "What Pacific Islanders Want
You to Know"
Pacific Islanders dispel stereotypes and give some real history on their Pacific Island nations in this brief video.

APIHM Film: "Yellow"
“Yellow reveals personal struggles with Asian stereotypes, and questions a space for ownership and disruption”

Join us as we feature this short film that explores the significance of the word ‘yellow’—a pejorative term used to describe people of East or Southeast Asian descent. This short film collects different interpretations of the racial slur from a diverse cross-section of Asian personalities directed by Anthony Pham.

APIHM Art & Culture: Virtual Exhibitions
Join us as we take virtual tours and walk-throughs through
Asian art and cultural exhibitions.
Walking Tour of Hong Kong's
Blue House
Take an immersive trip through the Blue House, Hong Kong. The Blue House is one of the few remaining examples of a tong lau: a style of residential building notable for balconies that were built in the late 19th century in Hong Kong and southern China.

The Story of the Inariyama Sword
The Inariyama Sword (known in Japanese as kinsakumei tekken; roughly, "gold-inscription iron-sword") was excavated from the burial chamber of the Inariyama Kofun, the oldest giant burial mound in the Saitama Kofun Cluster. Discover the story of this Japanese national treasure and immerse yourself in its fascinating history.

Once Upon This Island Exhibition
"Once Upon This Island" is an exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum. The exhibition navigates ideas of home, community, identity and memory, and raises pertinent and timely questions on what it means to live in contemporary Singapore – an urbanised, ever-changing city-state and island, set between peninsula and archipelago. 

APIHM Art & Culture: Asian Dances
Asia has a bright tapestry of dances particular to its many different cultures. The dances are traditional treasures and proud examples
of the artistry and imagination of the various nations telling their
stories of their history and people.
Chinese Fan Dance
The art and tradition of the Chinese fan dance have captivated audiences for two thousand years. Just one of many forms of traditional folk dances, fan dances has been preserved to share the stories and beauty of Chinese culture. The Chinese American Association of Central Florida (CAACF) Dance Troupe performed Feather Fan Dance at the 4th Asian Cultural EXPO in Orlando Florida.

Filipino Tinikling Dance
Tinikling is one of the most popular folk dances of the Philippines. The dance mimicks the  tikling  bird – known for its grace, agility, and speed moving through rice fields, trees, and avoiding farmers’ bamboo traps – the tinikling is performed all over the Philippines at celebrations and town fiestas. The Filipino tinikling performed by the UCLA PCN group.

Indian Classical Dance
Varsha, an Odissi Pallavi, is inspired by the poetry and romance of the monsoon season and is once of India's eight classical dances. Set to Vrindavani Sarang raga and Ektaali taal, this dance piece, performed by the IndianRaga dancers, is a beautiful tapestry of rhythm, music and movement; a synchrony of natural grace, falling raindrops, joyful play, and peacocks dancing.

Korean Drum Dance
Samgo-Mu uses three drums hanging on three sides of a wooden frame and this ancient Asian Three Drum Dance has become so popular that it is now an official part of Korean culture. This performance was at the Night of Asia in Jacksonville, Florida.

APIHM Art & Culture: All About the Chopstick
These utensils are used by billions of people around the world—and it has a truly ancient past. From their humble beginnings as cooking utensils to paper-wrapped bamboo sets at the sushi counter, there’s more to chopsticks than meets the eye.
Different Types of Chopsticks
They might look similar but there are differences between Japanese, Chinese and Korean chopsticks. Chopstick expert Edward Wang explains.

Things You Should Never Do With Chopsticks
Here is a fun and educational look at some chopsticks or chopsticks taboos, no nos. Basically things you should never do with chopsticks starring Dan and Mike Chen of the "Chen Dynasty" YouTube channel.

How to Hold Chopsticks for Beginners
There are many who struggle holding and picking up food with chopsticks. Here is a short video for beginners. Remember to keep practicing and you'll soon become a pro!

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