Sunday, May 17, 2020
Rev. Dr. Kevan Franklin and Assistant Pastor, Emily Howard
Join us for Virtual Worship Service!

Radio WQKT at 8:30a.m.
Happy Birthday Larry Baker! Hope all is well and that you enjoy your special day!
Trinity United Church of Christ
Weekly stats during shutdown

  • Weekly Offering $2,668
  • Electronic Offering $79
  • Sunday Worship Service on YouTube 252 people
  • Wednesday Evening Prayer on Zoom 21 people
Join us Wednesdays at 6:30 PM - for our Zoom Prayer service.
During this time of virtual worship we are missing the interactions with our church family! This Zoom Prayer service is a chance to get to talk to other Trinity members and friends.
Click to join the Prayer service at 6:30 on Wednesday

Colorful Masks
Thank you to everyone who has donated and or made masks for us to hand out! We have given over 100 masks and still have MANY more to give! If you or someone you know would like a mask please give us a call at 330-264-9250 and we will drop one off to you!
An announcement from Assistant Pastor, Emily Howard.
Collecting pull tabs helps the Ronald McDonald House to purchase items such as coat hangers, electric tea kettles, silverware, serving utensils, and much more to help the families stays more comfortable. This is done by Metalico Annaco of Akron picking up the tabs and recycling them for cash! You do not need a special container, and labels are provided for free! You are also not required to collect any certain amount and you do not need to count them. Once you have collected your tabs please drop them off at Trinity United Church of Christ.
*All pull tabs are usable! Pop tabs, pet food tabs, soup pull tabs, etc.
Below is a link to a survey about COVID-19 staffing. 
The goal of this survey is to identify unaffiliated personnel (people not already being counted by hospitals) who could support potential hospital surge from COVID-19. 
Support may be needed for both clinical and behavioral healthcare. This is an unprecedented incident, and we may need the entirety of the State of Ohio, working together, to mount an effective response.

During these difficult times we are asking our Trinity members and friends to help us out most by keeping your financial pledges current. You can always mail in your donation or drop it off at the church office. If you can, take advantage of donating on our website by following these steps:

Simply follow the link above to go to our website. At the top part of the page we offer two electronic giving options - one via PayPal and the other is the on-line donation. Both work very simply and both are safe. If you'd like to sign up for automatic donations scroll to the bottom of the Stewardship page and print out the electronic giving authorization form and mail it to the church office:

Thank you, Finance Committee
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Please enjoy this video of our Virtual Worship with Rev. Dr. Kevan Franklin and Assistant Pastor, Emily Howard.