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What happens in a Weight Watchers Workshop? Watch!

Please view to discover the new workshop experience!
Group of Women Happiness Cheerful Concept

The first time you go to your Weight Watchers Workshop,

you'll experience an inviting and friendly environment. From the time you walk in and are greeted, you'll get into the flow of the Workshop and have a chance to speak to your Guide, Coach, and other Members.

But, you wonder if there is anyone you can relate toyou wonder if there's going to be anyone there like you.

Be assured, we all are/were where you are now! Everyone in the Workshop–including and especially your Guides and Coaches–have made that decision to lose weight once and for all, and joined Weight Watchers, and by doing so you are 8.8X* more successful than going it alone.

You'll rediscover Weight Watchers. Fun Workshops in which everyone joins together with laughter usually being the presiding feeling. We learn to laugh at ourselves with each other, realizing as different as we all are we are so very much the same!

In the following weeks you'll know people, look forward to seeing each other and being together to chat about a different important topic each week ... we call it:

Reflect, Connect, and Celebrate!

We explore challenges and wins; celebrate progress and accomplishments.

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$49.95/mo 1st 6 months + Free! Weight Watchers weight analysis scale!

The four pillars of the

Weight Watchers program

Every week we cover a new topic that fits under one of these categories:

food –Love it or leave it

activity –Enjoy it or change it up

mindset –What's on your mind is as key as what's on your dish

sleep (Get your crucial 8 • naps are terrific energy igniters)

This week's workshop focus is:

building a reinforcing habit

/01 Repetition helps us turn a behavior into a habit.

/02 When a behavior is simple and makes a positive impact on us, we're more likely to repeat it.

/03 Turning a behavior that supports weight into a habit makes it simpler to do.

Five steps to create a habit.

Most of us assume those hyper-achievers who are always able to squeeze in their workout, eat healthy foods, ace their exams and pick their kids up on time must have superhuman self-control.

But science points to a different answer: What we mistake for willpower is often a hallmark of habit. People with good habits rarely need to resist the temptation to laze on the couch, order greasy takeout, procrastinate on assignments, or watch one more viral video before dashing out the door.

That’s because autopilot takes over, eliminating temptation from the equation. Having established good habits, little to no willpower is required to choose wisely. Sounds great, right?

The only catch is that building good habits takes effort and insight. Thankfully, science offers both guidance on how to begin and strategies to lighten your lift.

Here are a few research-backed steps sourced from the book, “How to Change,” By Katy Milkman, CNN that can set you on the path from where you are to where you want to be.

/01 Set a specific goal

The way you define the goal you hope to turn into a habit does matter.

Goals like “meditate regularly” are too abstract, research has shown.

You’ll benefit from being more specific about what exactly you aim to do and how often.

Don’t say “I’ll meditate regularly.” Say, “I’ll meditate for 15 minutes each day.” Having a bite-size objective makes it less daunting to get started and easier to see your progress.

/02 Create a detailed

cue–based plan

Now that you have established a specific goal, it’s time to think about what will cue you to follow through.

Scientists have proven that you’ll make more progress toward your goal if you decide not just what you’ll do, but when you’ll be cued to do it, as well as where you’ll do it and how you’ll get there.

A plan like “I’ll study Spanish for 30 minutes, five days a week,” is OK. But a detailed, cue-based plan like “Every workday, after my last meeting, I’ll spend 30 minutes studying Spanish in my office,” is much more likely to stick as a habit.

Boost your mood with this 5-day gratitude challenge

Making this kind of plan reduces the chances you’ll forget to follow through because the when and where in your plan will serve as cues to action that jog your memory.

Even better: Put your plan on your calendar so you’ll get a digital reminder. An established, hyper-specific plan also forces you to anticipate and maneuver around obstacles and makes procrastination feel more sinful.

/03 Make it fun to repeat.

When we set out to build a new habit, most of us overestimate our willpower and set a course for the most efficient path to achieving our end goal.

Say you hope to get fit by exercising regularly – you’ll likely look for a workout that can generate quick results like grinding it out on a treadmill. But research has shown you’ll persist longer and ultimately achieve more if you instead focus on finding ways to make goal pursuit fun.

When it comes to exercise, this might mean going to Zumba classes with a friend or learning how to rock climb. If you’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, it might mean swapping doughnut breakfasts for tasty smoothies, which can combine multiple servings of fruits and veggies in one delicious drink.

Because you are far more likely to stick with something you enjoy and repetition is key to habit formation, making the experience positive is critical, but it’s often overlooked.

How to enjoy working out if you hate exercise

One excellent way to make goal pursuit fun is to try what I call “temptation bundling.” Consider only letting yourself enjoy an indulgence you crave while working toward your goal. For example, only let yourself binge-watch your favorite show while at the gym or enjoy a beloved podcast while cooking healthy meals. 

My own research shows that temptation bundling improves follow-through; it transforms goal pursuit into a source of pleasure, not pain.

–How to Change,” By Katy Milkman, CNN

/04 Foster flexibility

By the time we put a behavior on autopilot, a lot of us fall into fairly consistent routines, tending to exercise, study or take our medication at the same time of day and in the same place.

But when you’re in the start-up phase of habit building, contrary to popular opinion, my research suggests it’s important to deliberately insert some variability into your routine.

You’ll still want to have a first best plan – maybe an 8 a.m. meditation session if you’re trying to kick-start a mindfulness habit. But you should also experiment with other ways of getting the job done.

Try to mix in a noon session and maybe a 5 p.m. meditation, too.

Successful habit building relies on frequently repeating a behavior, and if your routine becomes too brittle, you’ll follow through less often. A flexible habit means you can still do what you need to even when a wrench is thrown in your first best plans – say, a traffic jam on the way to dropping the kids off at school that gets in the way of your morning meditation.

One way to be flexible that’s proven useful is by giving yourself “emergency reserves.” Emergency reserves are a limited number of get-out-of-jail-free cards for those days when you really can’t squeeze in your 10 minutes of meditation, regular jog or Spanish practice.

/05 Find the right kind of social support

This step is obvious but sometimes overlooked. Seek out social support. Social support isn’t just about having cheerleaders and people to hold you accountable – though both can add value, so I’d suggest telling your friends and family about your goals.

We’re strongly influenced by the behaviors of the people around us, evidence shows. Want to start running regularly? You’re probably better off joining an established running club than asking a few friends who aren’t yet in the habit of jogging to get in shape with you. People in the running club have already built the habits you want. You can learn from them about what works and gain friends who will make you feel like a slouch when you slack off.

Good habits are contagious, so try to catch some by hanging out with people who are a little ahead of you on the learning curve. It’s important not to get too crazy – if you try to train with marathoners when you’re just hoping to work up to a 5K, I’ve found it can be discouraging.

But in general, research by myself and others shows that finding people to socialize with and emulating those who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish can make a world of difference. As an added bonus, when you pursue your goals in tandem with people you like, that makes it more fun!

Award-winning behavioral scientist Katy Milkman is the James G. Dinan Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, author of “How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be,” co-founder of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, and the host of Charles Schwab’s “Choiceology” podcast.

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$49.95/mo 1st 6 months + free! Weight Watchers weight analysis scale!

Weight Watchers simplified

The most livable weight loss program you can get!

What makes the new program different?

Our updated, simplified weight-loss program makes it easier for you to follow and find success. Every member gets a tailored Points Budget and streamlined list of over 200 ZeroPoint foods. Compared to programs of the past, we now use advanced nutrition science to factor in more food label data, like added sugars, fiber, and unsaturated fats, to guide you toward the healthiest foods.

What do you eat? What you eat is up to you—and we’ll show you how to enjoy your favorite foods in a way that gets you to your goals. With Weight Watchers, there are no “good” or “bad” foods—just nutritious and less nutritious ones.

No deprivation. Eat what you love. Pizza, pasta, beer, wine! Eat what you eat now– you'll learn how. But we're not teasing with food. It's real. No packaged food. Not microwave pizza--enjoy the real pizza shop thing!

We make the program as easy as possible. You’ll get a Points® Budget to “spend” however you want. You’ll track your meals, drinks, and snacks in the WW App and enjoy as many ZeroPoint™ foods as you'd like. Activity can also boost your weight loss (vs. only focusing on and every member has access to free, fun, all-level workouts.

Our Workshops (or Meetings, back in the day) are coach-led group sessions held in a Studio location or online. You don’t need to go, but the extra support can ramp up your results: Workshop members lose two times more weight than those who DIY.^ Workshops offer unlimited accountability, and give you a sense of belonging alongside coaches and members who really get it.

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$49.95/mo 1st 6 months + Free! Weight Watchers weight analysis scale!

New simplified!

the Weight Watchers program

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FREE bluetooth body weight analysis scale!

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PLEASE NOTE FOR THE 6-MONTH COMMITMENT PLAN: After your first six months at $49.95 monthly, your account will automatically renew at $54.95 monthly until you cancel. While you may cancel your subscription at any time, cancellation will not go into effect until the end of your 6-month Commitment Plan. Thereafter, our standard cancellation policy applies. 

$49.95/mo 1st 6 months + free! Weight Watchers weight analysis scale!

"The Weight Watchers Program

is for people who want to lose weight

No diet. No deprivation. No kidding!"


Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

Building healthy habits to support our weight loss and maintenance is similar. to taking care of ourselves when we're not well.

We rest, stay hydrated, take prescribed medications--as prescribed. We form the habits of doing these things repeatedly, timely and often until we feel well.

We’re motivated to do so because of expected results.


Remember, it took a while to get well and changes can be so subtle, neither Rome nor healthy, slimmer bodies were built in a day. So patience is important in building healthy habits--and I understand how hard that is because we all want that instant gratification!

Some of us run into an “all or nothing” mindset. Building a new habit around perfection is trouble waiting to happen. Flexibility is so important for us. We need to treat ourselves like we treat out besties and give us a break!


Building habits that allow for reasonable flexibility in my eating plan, makes habits work for the longer term. Since coming to Philadelphia, my habit of tracking has improved significantly. But I don’t get in my own way by being crazy about the

non-existent need to pre-track. It is OK to post-track. As Members, we usually know how many daily and weekly Points we have remaining and we need to remember we can count on that weekly allowance and ZeroPoint foods if we need more.


Buying certain foods for holidays can be a habit and sometimes not a good one. Here comes Peter Cottontail🎶

Having pastel colored M&M’s in every small decorative dish in your home is a habit you might want to ditch this year. Here’s the info you need about those devilish little candies; they are 4.375 calories each. For ONE little piece. Who eats only one?


Replacing habits that aren’t so good with better ones is a building block of getting to where most of us would like to be, a healthy weight, a comfortable size, an active

life! Start living the good one now! Everyone here did! 

Deb Wright

General Manager

Voice of Philadelphia

P.S. Finally, for the week – Move away from the discounted chocolate shaped like rabbits and eggs. It’s not on your need list, it’s on your want list.

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$49.95/mo 1st 6 months + free! Weight Watchers weight analysis scale!

The WW 4 Pillars of weight loss success

Create lifelong habits,

eating healthy foods.

food: learn more >

Create lifelong habits,

by staying and keeping active.

activity: learn more >

Create lifelong habits,

for your healthy mindset.

mindset: learn more >

Create lifelong habits,

sleep for health and wellness.

sleep: learn more >

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in salsa verde

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$49.95/mo 1st 6 months + Free! Weight Watchers weight analysis scale!

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