Resist Racist Regime of Anti-Turkish Legislation

Urge Your Senators to Oppose
Anti-Turkey Sanctions Bill S.2644
Armenian Allegations Resolution 150
Senate Armenian Resolution 150:
Legislating a Wrongful Criminal Conviction
Against People of Turkish and Muslim Heritage
On April 9, 2019, Senator Robert Menendez catered to nationalist elements in the Armenian American community by introducing Senate Resolution 150, which legislates a criminal conviction of the high crime of genocide against Turkey and people of Turkish heritage for events that occurred more than a hundred years ago, 6000 miles away in a now-extinct empire. 

S.Res.150 is the first step in a massive class action for reparations for ancient claims and restitutions of lands, against not only Turkey but private citizens and business.

Currently, S.Res.150 has 22 co-sponsoring Senators, most from states where an aggressive Armenian lobby exerts its orthodox view of history and anti-Turkish sentiments. While emotions run high, some Senators are opportunistically manipulating the circumstances to introduce S.Res.150 for a floor vote.

This letter campaign will automatically send one of two prepared letters, based on whether your Senator is or is not a co-sponsor of S.Res.150.

Please oppose this hateful resolution immediately. Thank you.
Senate Sanctions Resolution 2644:
Punishing the People of Turkey for defending 
themselves against PKK/YPG Terrorism
On Monday, October 7, President Trump ordered the transfer US forces from northern Syria to other parts of Syria. As long expected, Turkish Forces entered Syria to clear a 20-mile deep safety zone along Turkey’s 250-mile border, of all PKK/YPG terrorists. Hysteria followed from some Western media, accusing Turkey of "targeting Kurds" and President Trump of abandoning "Kurdish allies”.

On October 17, Senator Lindsey Graham unwisely introduced S.2644, which has 15 co-sponsors, with the declared purpose: “to counter Turkish aggression in Syria”.
  • Reality is Turkey has more than four million Syrian refugees, including hundreds of thousands of Syrian Kurds.
  • Reality is America has finally abandoned a bad policy of supporting one terrorist group, PKK/YPG, against another, ISIS. America has wisely chosen its treaty ally, NATO’s second largest military, Turkey, over a local proxy, the so-called, “People’s Protection Units”.
  • Importantly, Turkey's Operation Peace Spring will ensure Turkey's national security by removing the danger posed by the presence of terrorist organizations on its southern border.

Please oppose this disgraceful legislation which aids a terrorist group. Thank you.