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The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, "as when a lion roareth." It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear." Mary Baker Eddy

Joint Media News - May 2022

The Christian Science Joint Media Committee of Southern California (CSJMC) is an important arm of the Christian Science branch churches and societies of Southern California. Find out more The Committee supports and facilitates activities that individual churches would not be able to maintain on their own, including:

  • Telephone line (323) 805-8700 - Features the weekly Bible Lesson, Daily Lift, Sentinel Watch and El Heraldo Spanish program

  • Internet advertising - Includes Google ads on Google search pages and Facebook ads for lectures, Thanksgiving services, and more.

Watch for email updates on Joint Media activities throughout SoCal.

Results from livestreaming "in-person" and "web" lectures on church websites

During the pandemic, some web lectures were “livestreamed” on church websites. Lecturers are now encouraging churches to livestream web lectures – and in-person lectures if possible - on branch websites. It brings people to individual church sites where they can easily find out more about the sponsoring church. 

  • For Web Lectures – Lecturers make arrangements for livestreaming web lectures, and the church pays the lecturer’s designated technician.

  • For In-Person Lectures - Our video team is available for livestreaming SoCal in-person lectures if there is a strong internet connection with an upload speed of 10-15 Megabytes per second (Mbps). If you are interested in livestreaming your in-person lecture, email contact@prayerthatheals.org for more details and cost information.
Livestream Image - Ventura

Sample livestream image on Ojai, Solvang & Ventura websites.

Impact on church websites

Carlsbad-Vista - Frederick

Take a look at three branch church websites to see examples of replays for in-person lectures that have been livestreamed on church websites, and note the total number of church website pageviews.

Thousand Oaks - February 26

In-person Lecture by Melanie Wahlberg

530 Church website views Jan-Mar 31 


Carlsbad-Vista - March 5

In-person Lecture by Nate Frederick

405 Church website views Jan-Mar 31 


San Luis Obispo - April 2

Lecture by Patricia Woodard

382 Church website views Jan-Apr 5 


5 more ways to attract visitors

to your church website & your church

1. Always Include your web address

The number of people visiting your website will increase over time if you include your web address in all church information and advertising.

Free advertising ideas.png
  • Be sure to Include your website on your church sign, pew cards, church emails and literature labels.

  • If you're running newspaper or radio ads, include your website in every ad.

  • Whenever you create handouts with church and Reading Room information for visitors at church, lectures and community activities, be sure to prominently feature your web address.

  • List your website when you post your lecture on ChristianScience.com.

2. Improve your Google listings

People are searching on the internet to find a church near them, youth activities, inspiration, and healing, and you want to be there for sincere seekers.

Google Listing - Thousand Oaks
  • Be sure your Google listings for your church and Reading Room are up-to-date. You can increase the number of people coming to your website and your church by posting monthly on your Google search listings. Do a Google search. Type "Christian Science Church" and your city and see what comes up.

  • If you haven't already, you need to "claim" your Google search listings for your church and Reading Room. See tips about claiming your Google listings below.
Google Listing - Thousand Oaks Monthly
  • Anyone who has a Gmail account can post a review. Try to get a couple new reviews each year.

  • Post something new on your search pages each month. Develop a calendar and post on a regular basis. Post more photos on your search pages, and add new photos often.

  • Once you claim your listings, you should get a monthly report from Google. It will indicate how many people have viewed your Google listing, looked at your photos, clicked for directions, etc.  

Check out tips about Google listings in the "Church Login" section at the bottom of every page on PrayerThatHeals.org. No password is required.

Go to: https://www.prayerthatheals.org/find-us/information-for-socal-churches--societies/how-to-claim-your-church--reading-room-in-google

3. Advertise online

Paid advertising is the best and fastest way to drive traffic to your site and bring people to your doorstep.

Sample ad
  • Use Facebook & Instagram ads to bring people to your website and church. Joint Media is now offering to run Facebook and Instagram ads for church services, Sunday Schools, and Reading Rooms. See more information below.
Ventura interior Facebook church ad 2022.png
  • In two "test" campaigns ($500 each), there were 585 Facebook and Instagram ad clicks to the Ventura church website for more information. Ventura is starting its third round of online advertising ($500) for church services as a follow-up to its lecture advertising ($500) in June 2022. 

The online ads are created and managed by Joint Media's Web Marketing Consultant, Tina Johnson. There is helpful information on our SoCal website. Go to the bottom of any page on PrayerThatHeals.org and you will see "Church Login." There is no password required.

Here is a direct link to information about Church Service and Reading Room ads: https://www.prayerthatheals.org/find-us/information-for-socal-churches--societies/joint-media-facebook-advertising-for-socal-services. If you'd like to advertise, you can email tinareedjohnson@gmail.com. The same remittance form that is used for lecture advertising can be used for church service and Reading Room advertising. Payments go to the Joint Media Committee.

Facebook Ad for Services

4. Include your website address in your desk announcements

Desk announcements are a great way to let people know about your website, and it will be especially helpful for people attending your services via phone or Zoom.

  • Encourage people to go to your website and share it with others.

  • Add a PayPal donate button on your website so people attending your services in-person or remotely can donate via PayPal or credit card on a one-time or periodic basis.

  • You can announce local and online events sponsored by your church and refer people to your Events page or to the Events page on PrayerThatHeals.org for other SoCal events.

5. Secure your website

Warnings that your website is not secure will scare users and they may not explore your site. 

  • Securing your site is very important if you are going to livestream your lectures on your branch church website. It is not difficult to make your site secure.

  • If your site is on PrayerThatHeals.org, it is secure.

  • If you have an independent site that has a URL that begins with http instead of https, you will need to contact your hosting provider to purchase a SSL security certificate and then have it installed. (Or you can get a free SSL certificate from a service like Let's Encrypt if your web host supports it. For more information, go to https://letsencrypt.org.) Installation is not expensive.

Church websites on PrayerThatHeals.org

You are welcome to have a five-page website on PrayerThatHeals.org at no cost to your church, or we will link to your independent website. For more information, go to How to create and update a church website on PrayerThatHeals.org. 

Bakersfield website
Claremont website

Here are two of our newest sites:



To expand your site, email contact@PrayerThatHeals.org.

Please send photos

We would like to have a photograph of each church/society and Reading Room in SoCal for our photo galleries on PrayerThatHeals.org.

View the galleries

If we haven't included a photo of your church or you would like to submit an updated photo, please send us a photo from a cell phone or digital camera. We also need photos taken at lectures.

Please email your photos to contact@prayerthatheals.org. We post photos on our English and Spanish websites and on social media to promote church activities, Reading Rooms, Sunday School and lectures.

Photo: From a new website PrayerThatHeals.org/Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Reading Room

Your donations are appreciated

Your on-going financial support is needed to maintain and expand the activities of the Christian Science Joint Media Committee of Southern California (CSJMCSC). Our key activities are in the bulleted list at the top of this newsletter.

Click here to donate by credit card, or you may mail a check payable to CSJMCSC to the Joint Media Committee address below.


Christian Science Joint Media Committee

of Southern California

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323.661.8140 | csjmediasocal@yahoo.com

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