July 8, 2019
Joint Readiness, Information Visualization
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Joint Readiness Training Center
Bill Lewandowski II, Chief Technology Officer, and Erin Honold, Senior Engineer, participated in a site visit to JRTC at Fort Polk. The purpose of the visit was to investigate how the JETS/POINTS architecture could support medical training for future readiness training events.
IVIR Makes the Invisible Visible
Information Visualization is the complex mental imagery rendered when information is presented as pictures, symbols, or scenarios. This imagining facilitates effective or decision-making learning faster with increased retention. 
Presentation at ITEC in Sweden
At ITEC (the International Forum for the Military Simulation, Training and Education Community) , Erin Honold participated in a session for a paper she co-authored, “A Standardized and Modular Object Model for Medical Modeling and Simulation for Distributed Training.” The paper describes the results of a US Dept of Defense sponsored study to apply modeling and simulation to medical training specifically in the areas of Point of Injury and En Route Care.
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