Trexel and GK Concept have launched a new joint venture, "2Limit", bringing foaming-optimized part and tool design to the industry. 
What are the goals of Trexel and GK Concept with the new joint venture?
2Limit is a joint venture that combines the foaming expertise of Trexel with design expertise of GK C oncept. Trexel is the inventor of MuCell technology an d brings more than 20 years of physical foaming experience. The engineering experts of GK Concept provide a comprehensive know-how for component and tool design as well as a high-quality network of tool makers for tool procurement.

The goal is to assist both new and existing customers of Trexel in the engineering of physically foamed components to optimize the results and maximize the benefits for each application.
What are the advantages of 2LIMIT services for the customer?
2LIMIT can be a customer's first step to evaluate an application for foaming through a feasibility check, and can continue to be a one-stop shop to realize an optimal foamed part for production.  2LIMIT is at the forefront of foamed-part design with simulation capabilities, part and tool design and procurement under one roof.
What exactly is the service of 2LIMIT for the customer?

Our customers can access a modular building block principle and depending on their individual needs, choose individual services or package solutions from a comprehensive range of services.  We provide the following services indivually or in combination:
  • Feasibility Check
  • Simulation
  • Part Design Optimization
  • Full Part Design
  • Tool Design
  • Tool Procurement
And how do customers benefit who do not yet know whether to use MuCell?
If the customer does not yet know whether the component is suitable for MuCell, we recommend our Feasibility Check.  We use the customer's 3D data and examine the component for potential foaming benefits and limitations. 
Which target group do you have in mind with 2LIMIT?
2LIMIT is a service to everyone who has an interest in the benefits of foaming.  We intend to provide feasibility checks to people who have a curiosity how MuCell could help their application, to the experienced MuCell veterans, who are looking to outsource the design process to the experts.  With our modular service packages, we are prepared to take on as much or as little of the process as fits the needs of each patricular customer or situation. 

(left to right: Brian Bechard, CEO &  President Trexel Inc.; Roman Hofer, General Manager 2LIMIT; Roger Kaufmann, CEO GK Concept)



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