May 11, 2020

Dear BB&N Community,

During the course of the pandemic, the sixteen Independent School League (ISL) Heads have been staying in frequent touch as we consult each other on a range of matters concerning our respective schools. We are all aligned in many important ways, one of the foremost being our shared sadness for our ISL student-athletes—especially our seniors—who have lost the chance to compete this spring. In a spirit of solidarity, the Heads have drafted this joint statement. It includes a hyperlink to a video that pays tribute to our seniors—using a technique that mirrors what many athletic teams themselves have shared already this spring! 

We hope you enjoy and here’s to our seniors!!!

Dr. Jennifer Price
Head of School
Chuck Richard
Director of Athletics
P.S. I know that our tennis team members are kind and respectful, and as a result will refrain from making fun of the serve that starts the video! :-)