Hello JES Families:

Happy 2021!! We are busy preparing for students to return to in- person learning for grades K-2 on Tuesday, Jan. 19th; Grades 3-5 on February 1st. Please view this CALENDER for the daily schedule for the various grade levels in January.

Safety has always been our number one priority and this year especially we continue to have many safety measures in place. In our returning to school in person, it will look a lot like it did in the fall. Mask wearing for all students and staff is expected along with frequent hand washing. Please have your child wear their mask on the bus and have an extra one in case they need it during the day. We also have masks if students would need one. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, labeled with their name, to use at our water filling stations which are located throughout the building.

We will continue to restrict all visitors and volunteers in our building. When coming to the building to bring in your child or pick them up, sanitize your hands using the dispenser in the entryway by the office door and press the buzzer to talk with our secretaries. They will assist in checking in or out your child and enabling your child to enter the school through the second set of doors.

When picking up an ill child, follow the same procedure and your child will be escorted to the second set of double doors in the entryway.

If you are dropping something off for your child, we will ask you to put the item on the table labeled with the student name/grade level and we will call them down to pick it up.

Classroom teachers will be communicating with each of you on what materials students need to bring with them on their return to school. Please let us know any questions or concerns you may have in transitioning back to in person.

I know that by working together we can help keep everyone safe, healthy and in school!!


Nancy Wittman-Beltz, Principal