Ralph Jones
28 ½" x 37" 
Ralph Jones
Myrtle Beach, SC

"The photos you see on display are 'My Visions' as I see them through the lens of my camera.  My world of photography started in my youth.  Most of my photography education has been self taught.  From the early years, I have tried to improve how I view the world around me.  In the old days there was a long span before you were able to see what your photos looked like.  Today you shoot, look, keep or delete your photos.  Great fun. 

I have three cameras that I use.  I currently use a point and shoot Canon G11, a Canon XS50 zoom, non interchangeable lens, a Nikon D80 with a Tamron 28 to 80 zoomed, my new addition is a Nikon D7100.  My lens collection includes a 70 to 300 zoom with VR, a Tamron 200 to 500 telephoto and a Nikon 28 to 105 macro lens in the kit and an external flash.  Of course there is much more on my wish list.  My everyday shooting lens is a Nikon 18 to 200 mm telephoto lens. 

Currently I am a member of: Seacoast Artist Guild, Myrtle Beach Camera Club and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  I have photos in the Seacoast Art Gallery and the Waccamaw Art Center at the old Waccamaw Pottery.  There are more of my photos in restaurants around town.  

I am the club photographer for the Carolina Forest Rotary Club. I am a student willing to learn." 

-Ralph Jones