A Message From Mr. Smithers:
Happy Easter Weekend. No morning announcements or E-Learning Thursday April 9-Monday April 13th. We will resume the morning of April 14th.

Here is a great 2 minute video for us to watch and share:   
Starting April 7th, all prayer and announcements will be recorded and viewable here:

If you scroll down you will see dates under the heading:
Morning Prayer & Announcements Recordings
Each day I will put the morning prayer here.
A Message from Monsignor Merdian:
Dear Parents,
     Greetings in the Lord in this unprecedented time in our nation and in our faith life. This is not the first time the celebration of our faith has been suspended and it won't be the last. In the meantime, we are called to be creative in making the Gospel message known and faithful to the Lord wherever we are at. 

     Jesus said in Matthew 5:48, "Be ye holy as your heavenly Father is holy." In other words, Jesus calls all of us to holiness. Even without the gift of the Sacraments of the Church, we are still called to be holy. We seek this holiness in many ways and I want to give you just a few suggestions as we are going to have to be sheltered in place at least for three more weeks.  

     1. Each Sunday, watch a live-streamed Mass together as a family either on EWTN, our parish face book page or a host of other sites. Then discuss the Mass, celebration, Gospel or Homily as a family. Say the prayers along with the live-streamed Mass.
    2. Pray meal prayers together as a family at each meal, both before and after. Print out a paper with the prayers on them and have them at each space.
    3. Pray a family Rosary together in the evening. Sit down in a special prayer space and pray the Rosary as a family for your particular intentions and those of the world. 
    4. Read the Scripture Readings for Sunday Mass on Saturday as part of your family prayer and discuss them.
    5. Read a Saints Story or a Bible Story every night to your kids before bed.
    6. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 pm on Sunday

All of these ideas, and many more can be found in our Bulletin this week and in your own parish bulletin notices. Use this time together to build your family up in love and in holiness. Look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Happy Easter!!! Alleluia He is Risen – Jesus is Truly Risen!!!! 
Boy, do we need this gift of new life in our lives and in our world today more than ever! Because of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, today is a new day of joy, excitement, peace and fulfillment! The exciting words of the Angel echo in all of our souls today, especially for those who have died… “Why do you look for the living among the dead? HE is not here, but has risen!” (Luke 24:5)    

  On behalf of all the Pastors who serve Jordan Catholic School - Happy Easter of the Lord's Resurrection!
From the Business Office:
The deadline for the FACTS application is April 15th. Please apply at factstuitionmgt.com . If you need assistance in completing the application, email Wendy Todd at wtodd@jordanschool.com . Your 2019 tax documents will need to be scanned to me.

The John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship does require your 2019 tax return. Please make sure you upload 2019 W-2s, page 1 and 2 and any other schedules the application requires. 

Tuition tax credit statements are available by logging onto their smart tuition account. If you need assistance with your user name/password please contact Smart Tuition. 

The first installment of your 2020-21 Educational Fee is due April 15th. Please mail your $100 Per student payments to 2901 24th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201.   
Last week you received an email from Mrs. Armetta If you have not completed your Re-Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year. If you did not complete the Re-Enrollment form at that time, please click the link below and do so now.. t
Calendars and Dates
April 9: Kindergarten Packet Pick-Up from 7:00 to 8:00 am.
All events for the month of April have been postponed.
SCRIP TIPS - We Encourage All of Our Families to Use SCRIP!
 You can still use Scrip from home for your online shopping needs! Visit myscripwallet.com to enroll in mobile SCRIP. See the April Newsletter for more information and the steps to sign up for this.

We will not be able to fulfill any physical gift card orders at this time including our local vendors such as Hy-Vee, Whitey's and Pizza and Subs. All local vendors are in bold on the order form which can be found on our jordan website at: jordanschool.com (Parents/Resources and Forms/Fundraisers)

Feel free to share with your family and friends as they can direct their credit to your Jordan family.
EarlyAct Plastic Bag Donations
We recently heard from the Trex company regarding the plastic bag challenge. They will be ending the program on Wednesday, April 15th, and have asked that we stop physically collecting bags from families in order to limit exposure. We can, however, have families weigh their own amounts! We had a lot of bags in March, but we will have very little to add to April since we haven't been in school. If you have continued to collect thin plastics at home during this time, and have a way to weigh your amount, please email your total weight to Mrs. Heckenkamp at jheckenkamp@jordanschool.com before April 15th.
Some ideas of how you could weigh your bags at home:
- a kitchen scale
- a regular scale (this could only be used for things that weigh more than a pound)
- you could turn it into a science project and create a balance. You'll need a fulcrum (the thing in the middle your balance will sit on) and a flat surface to create the balance (think of the teeter-totters we used to play on!) Place your plastics on one side and then some known amounts on the other. Some known amounts could be 1 or 2 lb hand weights, a gallon of milk (which is about 8.5 pounds), a water bottle(about 1 pound), soup cans (about 14-16 oz), or a roll of quarters (about 8 oz). See if you can get it to balance to find the exact weight OR see if you can eyeball it to make an "educated guess" about how much you have.
If you don't have a way to find the weight of your bags, that's ok - we won't be able to add them to the total, but you can turn them in at the grocery store when it's safe to go out again. THANK YOU for all of the bags that have been turned in since November. We did an amazing job and will update everyone on our grand total after April 15th. 
This week's band assignments from Mrs. Soko are:
Fifth Grade- #83 MIng's Court P. 19 in Red Standard of Excellence book or on Smart Music
Middle School- #19 Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Standard of Excellence Book 2 in Smart Music only