Looking Ahead.......
December 9-13: Santa's Workshop
December 13: Ugly Sweater Day
December 16: Blue Army of Our Lady meets 7:30am
December 21-January 5: Christmas Break
January 6: Return to School
January 10: Quarter Two Ends
January 19: KOC Pro-Life Breakfast 8:00-Noon
....................in Farrell Hall
Calendars are posted on our website and in FACTS SIS.
Coming Home this Week.....
** Christmas Candy-Gram Order Forms
Submit photos for the Yearbook....
to Mr. Smithers at: jsmithers@jordanschool.com
Accepting photos from any student function - field trips, scouts, swimming, athletics, classroom parties, etc.
Thank You!!!
*Thank you Kathleen Franklin for donating baby jars to Mrs. Dodson!
*Thank you Ryan, Jill and Jack Jaster for the kitchen set and easel to Mrs. Sommers. The kids love them!
A Message from Mr. Smithers.....
Winter has arrived! Please take a moment to review or refresh your memories on our Winter Safety Rules and Procedures.

A. Drop-off and Pick Up:
* Watch your Speed - Watch for Children!

B. Morning Routine:
* Students in Grades K-8, arriving 7:30-7:50 am, are to report to their grade level hall first to remove wet boots and change into dry shoes before entering the gym.

Students arriving before 7:30am, must go straight to the cafeteria.

C. Dress for the Weather
* Coat - Hat - Gloves - Scarf - Boots. Our students go outside every day, weather permitting. (20 degrees or above)

D. Fri-Day, Fun-Day
* Students who dress accordingly and bring their snow pants are allowed to play in the snow on Fridays! Building Snow People, Making Snow Angels are acceptable. Snowball Throwing is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

E. Snow/Ice in the Middle of a School Day
* We rarely cancel a school day once we are in session, but if a storm hits in the middle of a school day, YOU, as a parent, have the right to pick your child up early.

F. Emergency Alert / School Cancellations
* You will be notified of school cancellations by RenWeb Text, social media, your local news channel.

From the Business Office:
~Empower Illinois (Donors) : Donating to Empower Illinois allows you to receive a 75% Illinois State Tax Credit on your state income tax in April and provides scholarship funds for families in need.
~Empower Illinois (Scholarships) : New this year: the reservation will open at 6:30pm to allow families 30 minutes to enter their information onto Page One. Families will review and confirm their information on Page Two. At 7:00pm you will submit your information and receive a timestamp. You will be notified by email when the complete application is available to you on January 17th. It is encouraged to submit your application by January 17th.
Click Here for Helpful Information---->  Empower Illinois Updates
~Federal Tax Free Donation : If you have reached age 70 ½ and would like to help Jordan Catholic School and/or your parish, the government requires you to take out a certain amount of your IRA each year and this is subject to federal tax. However, the law allows you to donate this amount directly to school or parish during 2019 and have it distributed free of federal income tax!
~ Tuition Tax Credits: All tuition payments you would like included with your 2019 taxes need to be made by December 31st. This year your tuition tax credit statements will be available on Smart Tuition.

If you need assistance or have questions about any of the above, contact Wendy Todd at:
309-793-7350 x202 or wtodd@jordanschool.com

Novena for Archbishop Fulton Sheen
On December 3rd Peoria announced the postponement of Beatification of Fulton J. Sheen.
Bishop Jenky is launching a special appeal for prayer and asking that we participate in a 9-day Novena that the cause may move forward to Beatification and Canonization of Fulton Sheen.
This Novena will begin on December 12th and is attached here for all who would like to join in this prayer.

1. Our last order for SCRIP gift cards will be Tuesday, December 17 th  to ensure delivery before the break. 
2. How SCRIP benefits all of us? Gas and Groceries are the easiest examples! Our Grocery cards typically carry a rebate of 3% which means that $3 of every $100 is split between the school and you! 
-You spend $100 a week on groceries at a participating retailer.
-$100 x 3% = $3.00. $3.00 a week x 4 = $12.00 each month. $12.00 a month x 12 = $72.00 a year.
-A $100 Gas purchase every two weeks adds another $18.00 a year.
-Faithful Grocery and Gas purchases throughout the year net you a $90 Tuition Credit and $90 for your school!
-Think it's not worth it? Multiply $90.00 by our 250 families and it totals $22,500.00 a year - for just purchasing groceries and gas!
-Dine out once a month? Go to the Movies once a year? Ice Cream? Pizza? Yogurt? 250 families faithfully purchasing these here and there will add another $15,000.00 a year!
-The possibilities are endless! And, you are going to places you always go to anyway!

3. Remember our Visa gift cards require no activation fee! Save $5.95 by purchasing through SCRIP!

4. Forget to turn in your SCRIP form? Order your SCRIP online through MyScripWallet! Choose physical gift cards and your order will be ready the next day (or every Thursday for anything that needs special ordering).

5-New Arrival for Gift-Giving: $10 Regal gift cards. First come, first serve.
If you have been interested in using MyScripWallet to be able to buy egift cards while on the go, instructions on set-up are below. Electronic Transfer or Credit Cards accepted for an additional 2.6% transaction fee. 

New Scrip Form is posted on our website at: jordanschool.com (then Parents-Fundraisers-Scrip)
For Holiday Specials and Holiday Bonus Rebates click ---> SCRIP Specials and Bonus Percentages!

Girls Basketball Sign-Up Sheet now Posted
Sign-Up Sheet for Girls Basketball (Grades 5-8) is now posted in the gym. All players and those inerested in playing need to sign up as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the program, contact Mr. VanNatta at mvannatta@jordanschool.com or at 309-793-7350 x208

Christmas Card Design Winners Announced
Thank you to all the students who submitted Christmas card designs for this year's Jordan Christmas card.
The following students will have their designs used on these cards; Gianna Byrd-Gr. 3, Lyla Wiggins- Gr. 4, and Delaney Orendorff-Gr. 6. These cards are sent to our Jordan family and supporters.

The EarlyAct Club
That EarlyAct Club has started our annual service project and we need everyone's help! We are wanting to do our part to ensure plastics get recycled rather than ending up in landfills, in our streets, and eventually in our rivers and oceans. We will be collecting thin plastics such as grocery bags, clean ziploc bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, thin plastic package wrapping, and bubble wrap . Starting now and lasting until April 22nd we will be collecting these plastics. There are three large drop off bins throughout the school for students to put in their donations. This holiday season, please save your thin plastics to send to school and help us make the ocean a cleaner place!

Candy Grams - Girl Scout Troop #8018
Spread a little Christmas cheer with a Candy-Gram! Girl Scout Troop #8018 is selling Candy Grams to help you get in the Christmas Spirit.  
$1 each or 20 for $10!
Order forms were distributed to the students on Monday and are due to the office by next Monday, December 16th. Payment is due with the completed order forms. Checks can be made to “GSEIWI.” Candy Grams will be delivered to the classrooms Wednesday, December 18th.

Knights of Columbus Poster Contest
Knights of Columbus is holding their annual Poster Contest for students in grades K-8.

This year's theme is Keep Christ in Christmas.
The front office 11 x 17 paper for your child if they are interested in entering.

Deadline for entries is Thursday, December 19th.

November Virtuous Students Announced
The following students received certificates for November Virtuous Students of the Month (Service) and were announced at our December 4th School Mass. Congratulations!

Landon Andrus - Jacob DeMarlie - Gabriella Gusse - Luke Hoffman -
Elsa Kramer - Olivia Leischner - Joseph Magee - Carolyn Maynard -
Finn Milner - Ava Rogers - Andrew Smithers -
Cannden Spicer-Bailey - Aleah Sturtevant - Grace Thompson - Patrick Wilson -
Alyssa Wright - Grace Ziegler

December's Virtue is Compassion. Student recipients will be announced at our January 8th School Mass.
January's Virtue is Discipline. Student recipients will be announced at our January 29th School Mass.

Quarter One Honor Roll Announced
Click HERE to view the Quarter One Honor Roll or view image below:
ST. PIUS X - Celebrates Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
On Thursday, December 12th St. Pius X will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a 6:00pm Mass. Following Mass there will be a celebration in McCarthy Hall (attached to the church). Click on the picture above for full information about this event.

All are welcome to Sacred Heart in Rock Island on Wednesdays during Advent for their Silent Night, Holy Night - slow down.....relax.....reflect. Click on the picture above for details.