May 25: Memorial Day

May 29: All work is to be submitted to teachers

June 6: Pick-Up of personal belongings and Drop-off of school materials. 8:00-10:00 am
A map and further directions from Mr. Smithers will be coming soon. 

Chick Fil A is selling lunch every Monday through Friday from 11:30-2:00 pm on the grounds of St. Pius X and Jordan Catholic School.
April 15: Educational Fee Deposit was Due
May 31: Spalding Scholarship Application Deadline
July 1: Educational Fee (Balance Owed) Due

A new federal income tax deduction is available for 2020. This new universal deduction will encourage the great majority of taxpayers who do not itemize to make more cash gifts in 2020. Individuals can donate up to $300 and married couples can donate up to $600. This deduction will come off of your total income and therefore you will pay less federal income tax. This deduction is not available for non-cash gifts such as appreciated stock.

If you'd like to donate to Jordan Catholic School, donors can mail a check to the school and will receive a receipt for their 2020 taxes.

If you have questions regarding the above or need an extension on your balance due, contact the Business Office at
Congratulations to our newest alumni! We will Miss You and hope you come back and visit us!

Carson Bakay * Megan Bowlyou * Ava Brinkman * Noah Britton *
Brandon Burch * Emily Claeys * Danny Darrow * Zack Draper *
Leilani Ferreyra * Rhyca Fullerlove * Nate Hein * Elle Jennings *
Izzy Kean * Olivia Klauer * Samantha Klauer * Eliza Kramer *
Isabel Lynch * Joey Magee * Carolyn Maynard * Meredith Maynard *
Quinn McCarthy * Kellsey McGuire * Kate Mehochko * Anna Mickelson *
Ben Milner * Lucy Nonnenmann * Colin Patterson * Bella Pickslay *
Peyton Pirog * Ella Praet * Chloe Radloff * Yesenia Seiber-Casco *
Brady Senatra * Emma Shrake * Isaac Smith * Lauren Trefry *
Brook Vaughn * AJ Vazquez * Kenny Watts

We also want to say a special farewell to the families who have their last child graduating from Jordan Catholic School. We thank you for all your work in making Jordan an awesome school. Many of you worked on committees, volunteered at fundraisers, and supported the teachers and staff here at Jordan. Please remember that you are always part of the Jordan family and will be missed!
The following students are the last in their family graduating from Jordan:
Carson Bakay, Megan Bowlyou, Emily Claeys, Danny Darrow, Zach Draper, Leilani Ferreyra, Rhyca Fullerlove, Nate Hein, Olivia Klauer, Carolyn & Meredith Maynard, Kellsey Mc Guire, Anna Mickelson, Colin Patterson, Bella Pickslay, Chloe Radloff, Yesenia Seiber-Casco, Brady Senatra, Isaac Smith, Brooke Vaughn, A. J. Vazquez, & Kenny Watts.