5 Easy Ways to Achieve a Better Life in 2017 (from Sweet Home Chicago):

1. De-clutter. That little post-it note saying "Buy Sweet Home Chicago Tickets!" is ruining your life. Buy your ticket here! Then, throw that post-it in the garbage where it belongs and take a deep cleansing breath. 

2. Lose weight without exercise or diet. Those gift cards you got for Christmas are heavy! Studies show, people who give their gift cards to a worthy cause can lose up 5 lbs in wallet weight in just one day! Can the Paleo Diet promise results like that? Contact personal trainers Faye Shillair,  fayems@gmail.com  or Katy Murray,   katymurrayshc@yahoo.com  to begin losing gift card weight today.

3. Get your finances in order. So you can spend more money on the Sweet Home Chicago auctions! Have you seen those deals? Who doesn't feel great when they snag a warm weather get-away or an awesome sports experience and give to a good cause at the same time?

4. Drink one bottle less of wine. And drop it off at the Rectory for the Instant Wine Cellar! We're still building the "Instant Wine Cellar" and need your help. On one of your many trips that take you by St. Josaphat, will you consider dropping off a bottle of wine ($20+)? Just ring the Rectory doorbell during business hours and they'll grab it from you. 

5. Be thankful for your blessings! We are so thankful to these donors who are generously supporting Sweet Home Chicago "Moon Over Chicago." If you happen to see them or do business with them, won't you thank them too?


Recognize Anyone You Know?

Did you see Cardinal Cupich's article in the Tribune OpEd?  

Sweet Home Chicago
February 4, 2017
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Boomers Plus Club
All are invited to join the Boomers Plus Club for their meeting on Monday at 7 pm.  Join other adult parishioners who gather socially, attend parish functions together and are involved in helpful ministry in the parish and the community.

Save the Date for JQS!
Winter 2017 Josaphat Quarterly Social will take place on Friday, 2/10 from 5 - 7 pm! Location TBD.  Your Auction Items will be brought to you!

Parish Lenten Retreat
Come join us for a special time of prayer and reflection on February 25th at 8:00 am
Homeless Outreach:
Signup to help with the Homeless Outreach Program HERE!