We thought it was time for a TOP 10 list to get you excited and keep you informed about Sweet Home Chicago!

10.  Auction Items are coming in...right now it's lots of the classics, restaurant gift cards, kids classes, etc.  Can you connect us with something unique?  VIP tour, Great Getaway, Rewards Points we can use to buy or book something.

9.  Become a sponsor! This year's goal is 60!  The 60th sponsor will get showered with confetti upon dropping a check at the rectory!! (Just kidding...unless you consider that an incentive, if so we can make it happen).  To be included on the invite just email Georgia Burke to give commitment.

8.  Toast and Jam DJ Karin with be mixing it up for us, plan for pedicured feet for when you ditch those super cute but super uncomfortable shoes.

7.  We are returning to REVEL Downtown so if you left  your car there last year because it was more fun than you anticipated, update your Uber app now and be better prepared.

6. Is this really happening when we have a capital campaign happening?  Of Course!  This just keeps the lights on! The campaign is taking care of the crumbling fa├žade!

5.  Cocktail Attire is encouraged.  It's the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something during the season of giving.

4. It is January 30th at 7pm.  Assume that snow-pocalypse will strike again this year the day after, take this as your last night out before hibernation.

3.  This is a great night to send the kids to the grandparents or other relatives house.  Over the thanksgiving do extra dishes to butter them up before you ask.

2. Wine Week is not happening....but the Instant Wine Cellar still is!  You can now drop your $20+ bottles of wine at the rectory anytime OR bring them to mass on the 14th and 15th.  Looking for the easy way to do things...last year half of our donations happened online through VIN Chicago!  Join the movement click here!

And the number one thought for Sweet Home Chicago 2016...

Mike Sims and Elizabeth Duryea are the Emcees for the evening.  They have started rehearsing.  They are excited, their spouses are terrified.

Clothing Drive
Benefitting Marillac St. Vincent Famiy Services! 
Saturday & Sunday 
November 7 & 8! 

Drop off gently used clothing for children, women, and men at St. Josaphat Church before and after the Masses on November 7 & 8.
Thank you!
Breakfast With Santa
Unity Award Nominations
The Unity Award is given to an individual or organization who reflects the ministry of St. Josaphat.

Nominees should be in area of the Archdiocese (Cook and Lake Counties), serving poor or underserved members of the community, and Catholic.  Send nominees to rprendergast@stjosaphatparish.org
Parish Service Award Nominations
We present St. Josaphat Parish Service Awards to parishioners who have been giving generous service through a parish ministry or volunteer activity in the areas of Youth Ministry, Human Concerns, Education, Parish Life, Prayer and Worship and Lifetime Service.