Listen to this - we bet you have never heard anything like it!  (Once you link, scroll to bottom of page for samples.)

Our Music Director, Joe Labozetta, is a member of the Ensemble Alioni, a 10-member vocal ensemble that researches and shares the ancient choral folk music traditions of the Republic of Georgia through performing and teaching.

Ensemble Alioni, the only Georgian Choir of Chicago,  is performing "A Day in the Life - Georgian Songs of Work, Love and War" at St. Josaphat tomorrow (Friday, May 20) at 8pm.  Joe will be singing and playing the chonguri, a 4-stringed instrument similar to a lute.  Tickets are $15 for Adults and $10 for Children and Seniors, and the concert will be followed by a wine and cheese reception.

So what's so exotic about this concert? 

Georgian polyphonic (multiple voice parts) singing has been included by the United Nations on their World List of Intangible Masterpieces of Humanity.  It is an ancient tradition.  One thousand years ago, when Western music was still monophonic (think chants), residents of Georgia and Azerbaijan where singing in 3 parts:  a bass (bani) and 2 higher parts.  Georgian music can be restrained and beautiful, and loud and boisterous.

Song was very much a part of Georgian daily life.  There were songs for working in the field (e.g. for threshing), sacred songs (Georgians are Orthodox Christians), and songs sung around the dinner table at feasts -- about food, wine and beautiful women! 

In Georgia it is said:  a good song is worth singing anytime...

Can't make it on Friday?  Attend the Inter-Parish Choral Festival on Sunday at 4pm at St. Benedict Church, 2215 W. Irving Park Road.

Our own St. Josaphat Adult Choir will be performing sacred music along with choirs fro St. Benedict, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Alphonsus.  Our choir has been working very hard on their music, and are very proud of their songs! Want a preview?  Come to the 10:00 am Mass on Sunday.

The concert is about an hour, and a free will donation will be accepted.
Committing to a Three Year Pledge
See SuperAger Don Tenbrunsel's take on the Rebuilding Our Home Campaign! 

We are now in week three of May Pledge Month for our Rebuilding Our Home Campaign!  We are providing opportunities for fast, easy pledging!  We are seeking your three year pledge which means committing to giving a set amount each year for the next three years e.g. a total pledge of $50,000 would mean an annual pledge of approximately $16,700 each year ($1,389/ month or $46.30/day) for three years. 

Don't forget the tax benefit of your pledge!  As an example a pledge of $50,000 equates to an after tax total pledge amount of $33,500 - $36,000 depending on your tax bracket.  The campaign gets the full amount of your pledge but you get the tax benefit, each year of your three year pledge.

For the entire month of May, there will be tables at the back of church with Steering Committee members available to hand you a pledge card after Mass.  There will also be private areas set-up for you to complete your pledge card.  In addition, the church will be opened for pledging on Wednesdays after school drop off.

With your support, we will reach our $3 Million goal, but we need 100% participation.  If you haven't already discussed your pledge in your own home, please consider doing so today and making your pledge during one of the easy pledge opportunities!  We look forward to getting your pledge during May Pledge month!!

Important Upcoming Dates!

June 13 - 17 - VBS: Cave Quest

VBS: Cave Quest
Monday - Friday
June 13 - 17 2016

Register today!
SJS Service Club
The SJS Service Club is collecting used school supplies and making a donation to BooksFirst, an organization that supplies under-resourced CPS schools with gently-used materials.  Please consider donating your family's extra supplies between May 31 and June 3 at the front desk of the school.