Corporal Work of Mercy "To Clothe the Naked"

The Corporal Work of Mercy "to clothe the naked" is an act that can make someone's life better by providing clothes for someone that might not be as fortunate as us. One can always go to a discount store and buy clothes for a clothing drive or winter gloves and hats for those that are homeless and donate to our own Homeless Outreach Program here at St. Josaphat. Or how about next time you see a pair of shoes or clothing that is starting to collect dust in your closet, ask yourself, "What is the chance I ever wear that again?" If the chances are low, consider donating the item(s) to Catholic Charities. You never know what this gift might do for someone. Maybe someone who needs an outfit for a job interview might land your nice shirt, dress, or suit. Dressed in new clothes---old for you, but new to them-they might walk into that interview with a higher degree of self-confidence. That new bit of confidence might help them get that job they have been desperately hoping to land. Now that person will never personally thank you, but you have helped alter that person's life in a very positive manner.

Spiritual Work of Mercy "To Advise the Doubtful"

The Spiritual Work of Mercy "To Advise the Doubtful" is an act of kindness that can be as simple as listening when someone is talking to you or asks for advice. It is hard to know the right thing to say or the right advice to give, and each situation is different and unique, but we all can try to listen when someone wants to talk. Sometimes all people want is someone to listen to them and be there for them. It can be difficult to give advice to someone. If you just let that person talk and be there for him or her, that might be all the help they need. You can always remind people that you believe in them. Self-confidence increases when people know that others believe in them and they are not alone in a tough situation. So next time someone wants to talk to you and get some advice, that person might just need someone to listen, care and believe in him/her. "To advise the doubtful" can be hard, but we can all try to be there for someone---and that might make all the difference.

Jeff & Karen Gerstner
Parishioners, Parents of a Child at St. Josaphat School

Important Upcoming Dates!

Sunday, March 6, Parish Reconciliation Service,  3pm
Saturday, March 12, Volunteer at St. Agatha's
Sunday, March 13, Parish-wide Lenten Respite, 1:15 pm
Sunday, March 24, Palm Sunday

Lenten Reconciliation Service
March 6, 3 pm
All are invited!
Lenten Respite
March 13, after 
the 12 pm Mass
"Mercy & Forgiveness"
lead by Sr. Alicia Torres, from the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels and winner of Food Network's Chopped.
Please help after mass for 10 minutes!
We still need volunteers to hand out gift cards at the end of each Mass during Lent.  If you are willing to assist, please sign up at Should you have any questions, please email Deacon Pat at 

Community Dinner at 
St. Agatha's
We need volunteers!
Saturday, March 12
3-5 pm

We are looking for a 12 or more volunteers (all ages, families welcome) who would like to serve and clean up after the dinner.
Men's Club
March 17, 7:30 pm
at the Drinkingbird
2201 N. Clybourn
We'll be following the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament!
We'll serve appetizers; cash bar, no cover charge.

Open to all parishioners, school families, and friends!

Email Jeff O'Shaughnessy (
 or Tom Bransfield ( for more information!
VBS: Cave Quest
Monday - Friday
June 13 - 17 2016

Save the date and get ready for Vacation Bible School!