Tonight Bishop Rassas will confirm our 8th Grade Students who have been preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation for two years through religion classes, service projects and retreats. Through this time, they have learned more about the Catholic faith, and also examining their own beliefs and the person they are growing to be.

Here is what they have to say:

Who is your confirmation saint, and why did you choose that saint?

I chose St Anthony because I did a saint project before about him and I felt like we've had a relationship since 4th Grade. I hope to imitate his patience and understanding. - Logan Corum

I chose St. Jude because he is the patron saint of hope. Hope is really important to have even in the darkest of times. I always want to be optimistic and find happiness in the little things.-  Gillian Atkins

My Confirmation name is Catherine, which is inspired by St. Catherine. In her life, St. Catherine used her artistic and creative skills to spread the word of God. I aspire to to achieve something great using my artistic skills. I want to become closer to God through this. - Daria Dzakovic

I studied St. Paul and I would chose him because he realized he was making a mistake in his life and fixed it. I would hope to imitate that and be able to admit and learn from my mistakes. - Jaideep Singh

I chose St. Therese of Lisieux as my confirmation saint because I love everything she did in her life. Also, St. Therese was my mom's conformation saint, therefore, I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I hope to imitate her happiness and joy towards others throughout good times and bad. - Ava McCartney

My Confirmation name is Sebastian. I chose this saint because he is the patron saint of athletes, and I learned about his life story in a homily one day. I was very intrigued by everything that he did during his life. I hope to imitate his courage. Throughout his whole life, he had courage that God would be with him. I want this courage for my Confirmation, for my sporting events, and for the rest of my life. - Caroline York

I chose St. Patrick because I was baptized at Old St. Pat's Church. I would like to imitate a trait of him by not being afraid of anything. - Connor Kause

My confirmation saint is St. Ignatius. I chose this saint because one of my classmates did a presentation on him and he sounded interesting so I did some more research on him and chose him to be my saint. I hope to imitate this saint's bravery. - Connor Smith

The reason I chose St. Vladimir of Kiev is because he is a good leader and he was dedicated to his faith. At first the was a war leader who could kill others and he changed to be a person who cared for others and wanted his whole country to be baptized and follow the teaching of Jesus. -T ravis Cain

My confirmation saint is Elizabeth Anne Seton. I chose this saint because I like that she helps the less fortunate and puts their lives before her own. Also, my mom has this saint, and I have always been very close with her. The trait that I hope to imitate of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton is how giving she is towards others. - Annie Borchers

My confirmation saint is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and I chose her because I admired how inspirational she was and how she always had a positive outlook. I hope to be as happy as her when something isn't going my way. She looked at it as God giving you a "teachable moment" and I usually think of it as having a bad day. Next time something doesn't go my way, I'll try my hardest to look at it as Elizabeth would have. - Caroline Ward

Which of the gifts of the Holy Spirit do you think you need the most at this point in your life? Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Knowledge, Courage, Reverence, and/or Wonder and Awe?

I think I need Wonder and Awe most in my life right now.  When I'm having a bad day it is easy to get upset and look at the things I don't have. Sometimes when this happens, you can forget to look at all God has given you and all He has created. I think it is important to focus on the wonderful life God has created for you during those hard times and be thankful for the things you do have. - Isabelle Kause

Were you surprised by anything you learned about yourself or your faith during the preparation process?
I was mainly surprised that I am good at serving the elderly.  I really enjoy doing that. - Jack Gallagher

Many were jailed because of their faith and I should be thankful that I can openly enter into the Christian community. - Emily Kollath

I was surprised about some of things that others do to prepare. Some people pray for hours after hours on their knees being quiet. I feel as if I could never sit on my knees for hours also being quiet. - Shane O'Brien

I was surprised that I am actually good with little kids.
-Kenny Hartman

Why did you choose to be confirmed in the Catholic Faith?

I chose to be confirmed because I want to follow in my family's footsteps and be a full member in the Church. - Evan DeJesus

I chose to be confirmed in the Catholic faith because my faith has inspired me to do very kind deeds. I enjoy learning the teachings of Jesus. I enjoy the Catholic faith because I feel it has inspired me to do things to help our community and build a closer relationship with God. - Michael Sommese

I chose to be confirmed in the Catholic faith because it will be a big step for me. I have done so many things to prepare for this, including being baptized, making my First Communion, learning about the Holy Spirit, Beatitudes, and more! I think that receiving the Holy Spirit when I get confirmed will help make me a better person and give me so many more opportunities and strengths. - Vivian Janicki

I chose to be confirmed because I wanted to continue to grow in my faith. Also, I wanted to be a full member of the church and complete all of my Sacraments of Initiation. - Téa McKinney

I chose to be confirmed because I wanted to grow in my relationship with God. I believe that the Sacrament of Confirmation is an important step in becoming a full member of the Catholic Church. I believe in the values of the Catholic Church, therefore I want to complete my initiation of becoming a member of the Church. - Danielle Anderson

I am choosing to be confirmed because I feel that I need God in my life, and being confirmed would be a step closer to him. - Brandon Anaguano

I wanted to follow my parents' footsteps and I believe that Jesus and God have been helping the world for many years and I want to do all that I can to honor that, and getting confirmed seems like the obvious next step. - Leo Smat

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