The first weekend of August, Fr. Rich challenged us to make advantage of the last few weeks of this glorious summer an spend some time doing NOTHING. Soon, Labor Day will arrive and we will return to our normal routines. School starts, clubs and committees begin to meet again, and the office is fully staffed after summer vacations.

The Benefits of doing NOTHING are numerous, and hopefully obvious? Have you done NOTHING yet? What is your definition of doing NOTHING?

Our Parish, with many of us holding demanding jobs while juggling varied familial commitments, our communal definition of NOTHING isn't limited to lounging on the sand staring at the water or sitting in a rocking chair with our eyes closed (although maybe it should be!).

"My definition of doing nothing is simply the luxury of not having a rigid schedule," says Val McKinney, mother roof three teenage girls. "But honestly, it's summer vacation and I wouldn't want it any other way!" Kate O'Malley had more "chill out time" with her son Brendan. "We made an urban oasis of our yard and enjoyed several dinners out there."

"My definition of NOTHING is to do disregard my "to do" lists. this summer I read a great book, and enjoyed a 3-hour walk along the lakefront with my husband," says Julie Polt.

Heather and Rob Dunkel loved going to Wisconsin "where time just stopped. Just good old-fashioned fun with good friends."

Some busy moms like Tina Smat "dream of doing NOTHING." Deb Fairfield needs a "break from the summer" and plans on "doing NOTHING when all my kids are back in school." Linda Keller remembers a time she was able to do NOTHING, but it was before she had kids!

Some like Tom McDermott, get away from all electronic devices during lunch and find a quiet place to think. Liz Opie connects with her "kids each morning to plan our day" before she picks up her phone. Jim Gramata plays a "quiet game" with his three girls, where the first one to talk loses. "That's a nice 3 minute respite!" he says.

Doing NOTHING, however you define it, is worth a shot these last few weeks before the weather turns.

"God: Renew within me a steadfast spirit."
Psalm 51:12 NAB
Rebuilding Our Home - Seeking 100% Participation

We are pleased to report that we have raised $2,058,056 for our Rebuilding Our Home Campaign through the generosity of 148 families.  This means we are more than two thirds of the way towards our goal of $3 million.  

In order to reach our goal we need 100% participation.  If you have not already done so, please consider making your pledge today.  Your pledge will make a difference. 

We are seeking your three year pledge which means committing to giving a set amount each year for the next three years e.g. a total pledge of $50,000 would mean an annual pledge of approximately $16,700 each year ($1,389/ month or $46.30/day) for three years. 

Don't forget the tax benefit of your pledge!  As an example a pledge of $50,000 equates to an after tax total pledge amount of $33,500 - $36,000 depending on your tax bracket.  The campaign gets the full amount of your pledge but you get the tax benefit, each year of your three year pledge.

With your support, we will reach our $3 million goal, but we need 100% participation.  If you haven't already discussed your pledge to Rebuilding Our Home, please consider doing so today and making your pledge in July. Let's keep the Pledge Thermometer rising and meet the $3 million goal!  

Sep 10-11

Join us for the annual parish party in the parking lot!  Faith, friends, food, kids' activities, music and football on the big screen!  

Saturday, September 10th from 3pm-10pm and Sunday, September 11th from 11:30am-4pm! Outdoor mass on Sunday at 10am followed by Brunch on Belden!

DJ Famos is back by popular demand on Saturday night!

Please visit the parish website at to purchase tickets, sponsorships and to volunteer!

Any questions, please contact Elizabeth Duryea at

Employment Opportunity!

Evening Office Coordinator
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Be sure to visit and select St. Josaphat Parish as your charitable organization and 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items will be donated to the parish.

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