Meet Our New Parish Support Specialist

Matt Green is our new Parish Support Specialist!  Originally from Connecticut, he went to graduate school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he graduated in 2015.  Shortly afterward he got a job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and worked there for about a year.  He is now thrilled to start his new job here where he can put his passion for Catholicism to work!  His interests include running, classic rock music, and being with friends.  Please stop by the office to introduce yourself to Matt!  He is really looking forward to meeting our parishioners.

This being the week of All Saints' Day, and November being the month of the remembering those who have passed before us,it is pertinent to remember our patron saint. Matt's is St. Matthew the apostle and evangelist.  (Who is yours?)
St. Matthew (sometimes called Levi) was a tax collector who worked for the Romans.  His calling is recorded in Chapter 9 of his Gospel, a scene has been depicted many times in art, including one by renaissance artist Caravaggio.  According to Tradition, after the Resurrection he went to Ethiopia to preach the Good News and was martyred there.  He is buried in the Cathedral of Salerno, Italy.  He is the patron saint of accountants, bankers, tax collectors, and civil servants and his feast day is September 21.  St. Matthew, pray for us!

Josaphat Quarterly Social (JQS):
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Food Drive This Weekend
The Boomers Plus Club is sponsoring a Food Drive for the Marillac St. Vincent Center after all Masses this weekend.  Please be generous.
Seeking File Cabinet
Have a 4-drawer, wide, locking file cabinet you can donate?
Please call (773 327 8955) or email (office@stjosaphatparish.
org) the Parish Office!
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