The weather made last Saturday, May 2, even more perfect for receiving Jesus for the first time! Fifty-two of our second graders from our parish school and religious education programs made their First Communion in two masses, at 10 am and at Noon.  Because of the large number of First Communicants and their families and friends, this is the second year we've had to split the celebrations.  

We hope these quotes from our newest parishioners sharing at Jesus' table will remind you of your First Communion; and the joy we can experience every time we receive Jesus.

"I feel very proud that I received Holy Communion."
-Michael Mundo

"After the gifts were brought up I felt really good. After receiving it I was happy. And when mass was over I knew that I was part of God's family."
-Catherine Bransfield

"I felt like I was a part of the mass."
-Jonathan Sward

"I feel God and Jesus are more in my heart. I thought it would be scary but it was a really peaceful day."
-Madeleine van Kempen

"I feel really grateful because I made my First Communion. Before I felt nervous, but now I feel very happy. Now that Jesus is in me I am glad."
-Miller McCarron

"I feel good that now Jesus is with me. I want to always have Jesus with me. And that makes me happy."
-Gabrielle Gauger

"I felt good to finally have received my First Communion. I now am finally getting to sit at God's table. Thank you Ms. Hohman and Fr. Rich and Fr. Jose for bringing me to my third sacrament."
-Nora Keller

"I feel great! Now that the Holy Spirit is in me I feel stronger, more confident, and better at the things I could not do before."
-Noelle Treadwell

"I feel great because I received Jesus. I am happy that Jesus is with me, and now I can receive it every time I go to mass."
-Sophie Devereux

"When I was bringing the gifts to the altar, I looked back at my cousins and I felt so happy.  I was so happy my family was there to spend the day with me and they were taking the time to come to my first communion."
-Charlie Leonard

"After I got First Communion I felt happy and more a part of the parish. I also felt closer to God and Jesus. It was really fun to get First Communion."
-Abbey Arseneau

"I was scared at first that I would forget to say 'Amen' and when it was over I was happy I did not forget."
-Benny Bryjak

"I felt proud after communion. Everyone was there. They all gave me cards."
-Enzo Iantoni

"On Saturday I remember that I was so excited and scared for my First Holy Communion. But after mass was over, I felt so grown up! My friends and family were so proud of me."
-Maura Lux

"I felt kind of nervous, then I thought about my brother's First Communion and how he was happy, so I was too."
- Cameron Gibbs

"It was really great, I am a holy and part of the church." 
-Mallory Cary

"I felt happy because when I ate the body of christ and drank the blood of Christ I feel Jesus dwelling in me."
-Isabella Murillo


Dine Around: Potbelly's
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4:30 - 7:30 pm
Come one,  come all to Dine Around!  
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Mothers' Day Choral Festival
Sunday, May 10
4 pm in the church
St. Josaphat, St. Benedict, St. Vincent DePaul, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Choirs combine forces to present a concert dedicated Mary, the Mother of God, and all mothers.
Admission is free.  
Donations will be gratefully accepted.

Save the Date!
Vacation Bible School
June 15 - 19, 2015
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Coaches Needed!
Girls Volleyball & Basketball
If you are interested--even if you're not sure if you have time to commit--in coaching during the 2015-16 school year, contact Mary Hermanek, Athletic Director at!

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