Tonight, we will be having our Parish Christmas Concert.  We are fortunate at St. Josaphat to have such a dynamic community of singers and musicians willing to use and showcase their talents for God's glory!  The ensembles being featured today include the Parish's Contemporary Choir, Children's Choir and the Adult Choir.  In addition, we will be hearing the city's Alioni Choir, which regularly holds rehearsals at St. Josaphat Parish during the week.
Flutist Tom Shanahan will be joining the Contemporary Choir to perform some newly composed religious Christmas Carols by composers Tony Alonso and Paul Tate.
The Adult Choir will also be featuring exciting pieces, including some written by noteworthy English composer John Rutter.  A line from the song says:  "What sweeter music can we bring than a carol for to sing the birth of Christ, our heavenly King" - which is a perfect topic to meditate on this season.  
Our Children's Choir will also showcase some amazing music.  They will be singing an arrangement of "Silver Bells" and a new arrangement of "Dashing Through the Snow."   In addition, The Adult Choir and Children's Choir will come together for a rendition of the Austrian Carol "Still, Still, Still."
Finally, and probably most uniquely, the Alioni Choir will be singing.  They specialize in performing music from the small Republic of Georgia, which is located in the Caucasus Mountains.  Their music is heavily influenced by music used in the liturgies of the Georgian Orthodox Church.  With a history and tradition that goes back to the 1st century when the Apostle Andrew preached the Gospel in that location, their music is sure to impress the listeners tonight.  
So why not take some time away from the busyness this Christmas season, to relax and enjoy some good music created by our fellow parishioners? We look forward to seeing you there!

Christmas Mass Schedule
Christmas Eve:  5 pm and 10 pm
Christmas Day:  8 am, 10 am, 12 pm
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Christmas Concert
Take a respite from the busy-ness on Dec. 15 at 7 pm in the Church.  The St. Josaphat Music Program is preparing for a delightful Christmas Concert.
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