This Saturday, May 6th, our second graders will receive Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time! The children from our parish school and religious education programs will celebrate this sacrament in two masses, at 10 am and at Noon. Because of the large number of First Communicants and their families and friends, this is the fourth year we've had two celebrations. 

We hope these quotes from our students  sharing at Jesus' table will remind you of your First Communion; and the joy we can experience every time we receive Jesus.
How did you feel before receiving Jesus for the first time?  How about right after?
I was happy but scared at the same time. After I felt happy. -Miles
Before I felt nervous and after I felt great. -Alex K.
I was happy and scared at the same time. After I was happy and amazed because it made me feel better. -Patrick
Before I felt happy and excited but I was a little nervous. After I felt really happy because I made my First Communion. -Sienna
I felt a little bit nervous but really happy too. Right after I felt really happy. -Annabelle
Before I felt happy and nervous, but after I felt really happy. -Lara
I was excited when I got it. After I felt great that I could be a part of Jesus - Peter

You felt nervous before you had it because you don't know what it feels like to have Jesus with you but after you receive it you feel good because you are happy to now have Jesus with you at all times. -Nora
Before I got it I felt nervous and after I felt happy. -Mika

It felt good to receive it. I felt good after. -Robby
How often will you receive Communion?
Every time there is Mass because that's what you do. -Colin
Every time I go to Mass because I made my First Communion. -Charlie
A lot because I go to church on Tuesdays and sometimes the weekend. -Mara
Probably a lot because I go to Mass on the weekends and during school. -Abigail
A lot so Jesus will be in me for my whole life. -Helen
I have made my First Communion already so I will do when I get to Mass and the more times you do it the more Jesus you get inside yourself. -Emmet
All the time whenever I go to Mass. I want to be a part of the church. -Colin
I am going to have Communion every Mass so I finally have Jesus in me. -Alastair
Every time I go to church, because of First Communion. After you get your First Communion, you always get to take it. -Grey
Every time I'm in church because God follows me. -Oliver
You will receive it every time you go to Mass because you received the Body and Blood of Christ at First Communion. -Olivia

What advice do you have for 1st Graders who will be preparing to receive their First Communion next year?
That they listen to God and follow him. -Payden
It will be fun! -August
My advice is that your First Communion Mass is very fun and your song is also very fun. Also once you have the Eucharist once it's so easy and fun. -Christopher
Do not feel scared or nervous because it is pretty easy if you think about it. -Sophie
There is nothing to be scared of.  You walk up and receive it and then you go back to the pew. You should be excited not nervous. -Peter
Don't be nervous! It is good to have Jesus inside you for the first time. -Ella
You should be excited and nervous but don't be afraid. -Chloe
I would tell them to pay attention to what they need to know and also it is really fun to make it. After you feel so proud and happy! -Alyssa
Don't be scared! -Blake
It is not scary and it is okay to be nervous. -Alex
That they should be fine and don't be afraid. -Natalie

Principal Selection Update
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Youth Group is Starting Up
Calling All Teens! Youth Group is beginning again. Please join us! We will gather on Sunday, May 7th and May 21 from 6:30-8:00pm in the school. All students from 7th through 12th grade are welcome.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) will take place Monday through Friday, June 12th-16th 8:45am-11:30am. All parish children ages 4-10 are welcome. Please contact Mary Jane Sullivan at or 773-327-8955 to offer to help. We need a lot of help so please consider offering for a day or two or behind the scenes beforehand.
Save the Date!
There will be an appreciation mass for Fr. Rich on Sunday June 11th at 10 am with a breakfast to follow.
Hey guys, are you looking for fellowship?
The SJS Men's Club will be having a pool night at Drinkingbird (next to Pequod's Pizza) on Thursday, May 18th at 7:30 pm.  Come join in for some fun!
Collect Change for Women in Need
Our parish is participating in the Women's Center Baby Bottle Project again this year. Please take a bottle after mass this weekend. The donations raised from this project go directly to The Women's Center of Chicago.  The money we collect will help mothers who are facing a crisis pregnancy and who have little or no support for their unborn babies.  When you bring the baby bottle back to church, you can give the bottle to the ushers, or put the baby bottle in a basket in the back of the church. Bottles should be returned by Mother's Day weekend.  Please give whatever you can to help us help those women and young girls to choose life for their babies and please pray for an end to abortion in our country. Thank you!
Are you in need of fabric?
One of our parishioners who works at a local TV Station has donated yards of high quality multicolored fabric.  It can be used for stage backdrops, costumes or even table cloths.  If you are interested in taking any of this material, please contact the parish office.  All we ask is a free-will donation to our homeless outreach program in return.
Mr. Petros from SJS has won the Archdiocese's "Heart of Enrichment Award."  Thank you for all your service to our community!

Homeless Outreach:
Signup to help with the Homeless Outreach Program HERE!