In the JosaFASTs this Lent, our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) candidates and their sponsors will be sharing their thoughts on the RCIA program, Lent, and their faith journey.  They have been meeting with the RCIA team for some months and now enter their final, intense period of formation and preparation for this significant moment in their faith lives.  

The RCIA process and being able to be the sponsor to my fiancĂ©, Matthew Ross, has affected my faith in many ways. When reflecting on this process I was able to narrow it down to two specific examples.    

The Catholic faith has been a very important part of my life growing up.  I went to a Catholic grade school very similar to St. Jos a phat.  I went through the sacraments exactly how the students at the school would.  I was baptized as an infant, made my First Communion in 2 nd Grade, Reconciliation in 4 th Grade and was then confirmed in 8 th Grade.  The preparation for all of these sacraments was done when I was just a child (many years ago).  Throughout high school, college, and the working world, I continued to go to Mass each week, a process that became very routine.  Going through the RCIA program has allowed me to circle back and review many aspects of the Catholic Church that I hadn't explored in my adult life.  Reviewing the sacraments and other aspects of the faith has been a great refresher and a positive flashback to many childhood memories.

Though I have received all three Sacraments of Initiation and Reconciliation, I am extremely excited to receive another sacrament in just a few weeks.  Matt and I are getting married April 22 nd in Plymouth MI, just 1 week after Matt is initiated into the Catholic Church.  RCIA has brought Matt and me closer to God than we have ever been. The reflection throughout this RCIA process has allowed us to focus on the real reason of the sacrament of marriage and has guided us back on track when we have gotten caught up in the craziness of wedding planning.  The knowledge, support of the community and the endless prayers have given both of us the foundation to start a successful marriage.

The RCIA program and the privilege to sponsor Matt has been a positive experience.  I couldn't be any more excited to continue forward using the knowledge I have gained, the friendships I have made and the grace of God to live a life full of faith, hope and love.

Kelsey Haupt, Matthew Ross's RCIA Sponsor

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