All across the country this week, Catholic schools are celebrating the Catholic education children receive when their parents choose a Catholic school.   Catholic Schools Week 2017:  Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service  kicked off at the Family Mass  on Sunday  as students from all grade levels took part in the Mass.  School spirit was on display first thing  Monday  morning when students arrived wearing their SJS spirit wear and took time out of the day for dance breaks and to discuss how they think St. Josaphat is a Community of Light for others.   Tuesday  brought many students' favorite day of the week:  Student Appreciation Day, celebrated in the lower grades with a movie break and the upper grades with a snack break.  In addition, as 6th grader Jack Hoste knows, "I love Student Appreciation Day because there is no homework!" After enjoying a well-deserved night off from homework, students returned to school on Wednesday to take time to thank their parents for sending them to a Catholic school.
Catholic Schools Week is a wonderful time for both parents and students to reflect on how fortunate they are to have access to Catholic schools; students were encouraged to donate a dollar to those students who aren't as fortunate.  In keeping with being a Community of Service, today the students brought in ramen noodles in a cup to stock the soup kitchen at the rectory. This year, CSW has a particular focus on vocations, and SJS students have been meeting with their school "buddies" to learn about different vocations and to which vocation each student might feel called.   Catholic Schools Week concludes  tomorrow as we celebrate an all-school Mass to honor our Community of Faith.  Any Catholic school is only as good as the wonderful teachers and staff who provide educate its students, and SJS boasts some of the best!   Tomorrow is also Faculty Appreciation Day, and our teachers will enjoy a well-deserved break for a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.  Students will be decked out in their favorite college gear to cheer during the now famous Faculty v. 8th grade volleyball game.  

Students, faculty, and parents look forward to Catholic Schools Week each year.  Third grader Emma Lucas told us that CSW "is a good mix of school spirit and fun classroom activities" while her sister, kindergartner Ainsley Lucas, echoed the spirit of service, saying "I like Catholic Schools Week because we get to do special things for us, and we do special things for others."  It gives us all an opportunity to pause and appreciate the benefits and values a Catholic education provides our students - thank you to everyone who makes our Catholic school such a strong community of faith, knowledge, and service.

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